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Burckhardt Compression specializes in customized reciprocating compressors systems for different segments in the oil and gas industry. These segments include upstream oil & gas, marine applications, gas transport & storage, refinery, petrochemical/chemical industry, industrial gases as well as compressor components & services.

The company's high-quality compressor components and the full range of services help customers to minimize lifecycle costs of their reciprocating compressor systems worldwide.

Compressors for upstream oil & gas applications

Burckhardt Compression offers compressor solutions for a wide range of applications in the offshore and onshore industries.
The exploration and production of oil and natural gas requires an array of compressors to meet the demanding requirements of that industry. The company offers tailored reciprocating compressor solutions for upstream oil & gas.

Solutions for industrial gas transport and storage

Burckhardt Compression offers unique, cost-efficient solutions for marine boil-off gas (BOG) handling, including reliquefaction and gas injection for two-stroke and four-stroke engines. In addition, the company develops compressor solutions for import and export terminals as well as FSRUs.

Process gas compressors in oil refineries

Burckhardt Compression offers process gas compressors with lowest lifecycle costs and the highest possible availability for all relevant oil refining processes that require gas. The enhanced maintainability of its systems, enables refineries to reduce maintenance costs as well as compressor down-time. Besides the development of new compressor systems, Burckhardt Compression offers a wide range of compressor services such as system overhauls, revamps and high-quality components, for all reciprocating compressors.

Cost-efficient reciprocating compressors for the petrochemical and chemical industry

Burckhardt Compression offers several solutions with individual, highly reliable reciprocating compressors for a wide range of applications in the petrochemical and chemical industries.

The company is market leader in compressor systems for low density polyethylene (LDPE) and uses its profound know-how to develop specific, highly efficient compressor solutions for most petrochemical and chemical gas applications.

Compressors for processing industrial gases

The end market for industrial gases encompasses sectors such as metallurgy, chemical, energy generation and healthcare.

Burckhardt Compression's high-performance compressors are used in a wide variety of applications to process industrial gases.

Integrated services for reciprocating compressors

Burckhardt Compression's services division provides various services for reciprocating compressors. Original spare parts supported by the company's manufacturing guarantees stand for superior quality and ensure low lifecycle costs and optimal operation of compressor systems.

The company's internal specialists are supported by advanced software tools, which can be used to model, calculate and optimize reciprocating compressors made by other manufacturers. The team is also very proficient in resolving highly complex technical problems cost-effectively and efficiently.

A highly motivated team completes refurbishment projects to the full satisfaction of customers and can prolong the operating life of older compressors by retrofitting them with the latest technology.

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