Air Cooled Vacuum Systems for Pipeline Drying and Ex-Proof Air Compressors

In producing nearly 40,000 units since 1923, Pneumofore has long established its reputation as one of the first and most experienced manufacturer of high capacity rotary vane air compressors and vacuum pumps. Today, industrial plants worldwide benefit from the reliability and durability of Pneumofore systems in a great variety of fields, including pipeline drying.

Based on a sturdy yet versatile design, Pneumofore vacuum pumps are built for turnkey operation and can be supplied in accordance with any specification for running on pads, truck trailers, or in containers. Pneumofore's simple machine geometry affords constant performance and long-term operation in any environmental circumstance. Rotary vane pumps are combined with roots to shorten drying cycles."

Mobile vacuum systems with air cooled rotary vane pumps

The Pneumofore vacuum systems extract air from the pipeline over a period of time until the humidity level reduces and a stable vacuum level is formed. All residual liquid water is evaporated and evacuated. When all the water has been removed, the dew point drops again and this signals the end of the vacuum purge process, depending on the target dew point.

Pneumofore's vacuum pumps are sturdy, high capacity and single stage with extreme water vapor suction capability. Each UV50 H unit has at 1mbar(a) (29.88inHgV) up to 3.240m³/hr (1885cfm) capacity with 90kW (120HP) power and is able to evacuate 214kg/hr (472lbs/hr) of water.

Problematic liquid-ring vacuum systems and hyper-dry compressed gas machines are often replaced by Pneumofore rotary vane solutions, due to strongly reduced power supply requirements, absence of water need, simplicity of design for OEM independency and ease of on-field operation and maintenance. This solution is well suited for trucks to move on unpaved roads, in remote areas with no cooling water availability, as done by Gazprom in Russia.

Double stage vacuum pumps for pipeline drying

Pneumofore's rotary vane pump operates single stage for the initial phase, down to about 50mbar(a) (28.44inHgV), then the second stage roots pump is activated to increase the capacity and improve the ultimate vacuum level down to 0.03mbar(a) (29,90inHgV) until the final dew point is reached. The two pump stages are assembled in a heavy duty frame for easy lifting and handling. The only required connections are the power supply and the single pipe connection.

This vacuum drying solution is used by BJ Services and TransAsia Pipeline. The pumps fit in a container which can be easily moved. Without excessive time and costs, as involved in methanol swabbing, this has proved to be the most effective method in commissioning pipes that are demonstrably dryer than any other. Air drying problems such as extracting water from side pipe traps are also solved. Water vapor is evacuated continuously with minimal need of power, without cooling water nor cooling towers or chillers.

Ex-proof rotary vane compressors

Pneumofore's air compressors are appropriate for installed power of up to 280kW, with exclusive air cooling also for hot climates and pressures from 2.5bar to 10bar. The compressors feature direct coupling and low rotation speed, with only two bearings, few moving parts and very low compression temperatures. The rotary vane’s simple and reliable design allows higher efficiency and minor risk of explosion. Pneumofore provides special designs for off-shore installations, heavy frames for easy lifting and transportation and solutions adopted for underground mines.

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