TrainND Northwest

Accredited Training for the Hydrocarbons Industry

TrainND-Northwest is a division of Williston State College, an accredited North Dakota community college, and is part of the ND University System. TrainND has both certified and authorised instructors qualified to teach various subjects, including OSHA courses, Petroleum Education Council (PEC), International Association of Drilling Contractors (IADC), Industrial Mobile Equipment Training (IVES) and Medic First Aid.

TrainND provides documentation of training to our companies, through employee transcripts, safety passport books, safety training cards, etc. In the event your business is audited or if you need a copy of a past record, we can provide that information.

TrainND has training facilities on the WSC campus as well as in Minot. In Williston, we have a nine-acre state-of-the-art training site with technical hands-on equipment donated by area businesses.

Open enrollment training classes

TrainND offers many of the high-demand classes on a weekly basis. Please visit our website to see the listing of classes, as well as to register your employees for classes.

Customised training classes

Many businesses have unique needs and require customised training classes. Train ND's expert staff is capable of developing and delivering custom training programmes that meet your specifications and/or equipment.

On-site training classes

Many of our classes can be conducted at your location, with the convenience and savings of not having to travel. Our instructors deliver standard and customised classes on-site.

Well control training - drilling

Our drilling course is designed for drillers, toolpushers, company reps and drilling supervisors who work offshore and desire IADC certification as a drilling supervisor or those who want a thorough knowledge of well control techniques for land drilling.

Upon successful completion of this class, students will be awarded an International Association of Drilling Contractors Well CAP certification and card (two-year certification).


  • Importance of well control
  • Well control basic concepts / calculations
  • Kicks
  • Shut in procedures
  • Well kill procedures
  • Killsheet basics and usage
  • Well control mechanics
  • Abnormal pressure detection
  • Drilling / completion / workover fluids
  • Shallow gas control
  • MS regulations / worksheet
  • Well control equipment

Workover training

Our workover class is designed for well-servicing crew members, workover / completion employees, consultants and operating company employees who desire a thorough knowledge of well control techniques.

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be awarded with an International Association of Drilling Contractors Well CAP certification and card (two-year certification).


  • Reworking an existing reservoir to complete a new reservoir
  • Complete multiple reservoirs
  • Stimulation
  • Repair mechanical problems
  • Preparing a well for entry
  • Use of back-pressure valves
  • Surface and subsurface systems
  • Removal of tree and tubing hanger
  • N/U and test BOP
  • Killing a producing well
  • Workover simulator hands practice
  • Pump in pressures
  • Circulating pressures
  • Lubricate and bleed
  • Killsheet preparation
  • Slow pump pressure
  • Shut-in procedures
  • Reverse circulation kill (producing well)
  • Slow pump pressure
  • Kick detection
  • Killing a flow during workover and completion operations

IADC Rig Pass course

The IADC Rig Pass® class is designed to provide new employees with a comprehensive orientation of rig operations and safe work practices, to improve the safety performance of service contractors and exploration and production operators and to assist both in satisfying federal, state and industry regulations and recommended practices.

Certifications received upon completion:

  • OSHA ten-hour general industry card
  • IADC rig pass card with SafeLandUSA endorsement
  • H2S / respiratory protection card
  • First aid / CPR / AED card
  • Fit test results (optional)


  • Applicable regulations and government agencies
  • General safety policies applicable to the work site
  • Environmental protection reporting procedures
  • Service contractor/customer working relationship
  • Employee responsibilities

Practical exercises:

  • Correct way to don and doff an air-supplying respiratory mask and SCBA
  • Correct way to perform CPR
  • Correct use of an AED

Floorhand for well servicing

This two-week programme will prepare individuals for entry-level employment on a service rig. The training will provide you with an understanding of petroleum technology and its principles of operation and control. The importance of safety is emphasised as you will learn the day-to-day function as well as technical aspects of service rig operations.


  • Safe work habits to be performed during well-servicing operations
  • Basic tools and equipment used in well-servicing
  • Demonstrate safe operating practices using tubing equipment
  • Basic tubing-servicing equipment
  • Perform rig up and rig down procedures
  • Swabbing tools and discuss safety procedures

Certificate received upon completion:

  • OSHA ten-hour general industry card
  • IADC rig pass card with SafeLand USA endorsement
  • H2S respiratory protection card
  • First aid / CPR / AED card

NCCCO crane operator class

Crane operator classes prepare students for both the written and practical exams required for the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO) certification. This class will cover the 3.5-day prep class, the written exam and the practical exam.

List of specialities:

  • Lattice boom truck (LBT)
  • Lattice boom crawler crane (LBC)
  • Telescopic boom crane: fixed cab (TSS)
  • Telescopic boom crane: swing cab (TLL)
  • Articulating boom crane (ABC)

PEC basic orientation safety awareness course

The PEC Basic Orientation safety awareness course at TrainND includes a SafeLandUSA endorsement. PEC Basic was designed to take the place of multiple operator orientations and to give each student a general idea of life and safety issues in the oil and gas industry, upstream, downstream, onshore or offshore.

This one-day programme meets API RP 75 & API RP T-1 requirements and provides a basic understanding at an awareness level of certain general safety information that an employee should know before entering a company facility and while performing their assigned work duties.

Upon successful completion of the course, each student is issued a picture ID with a unique barcode. The student information is then stored in an online database.

This course may also serve as a refresher course for PEC core compliance.

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Benefits of Well Control Classes 24 January 2014 The recent expansion of the building at the TrainND Petroleum Safety and Technology Center of Excellence included a new space for a well control simulator and classroom.