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Lightning Protection for Petroleum Storage Tanks and Refineries

Lightning Eliminators & Consultants

Lightning Eliminators specialises in designing customised and comprehensive systems to protect petrochemical facilities, tank terminals and batteries in the petrochemical and hydrocarbon industries.

The company focuses on protecting area most susceptible to being struck by lightning and the impact of its secondary effects, which can destroy sensitive electronics and equipment.

Petroleum and chemical storage solutions

Lightning Eliminators offers a wide range of products for petrochemical storage, including:

  • Grounding engineering for tank terminals and tank batteries:
    • Retractable grounding assembly (RGA®)
    • Chem-Rod®
    • IPE in-tank potential equaliser®
  • Lightning protection for storage tanks:
    • Dissipation array system (DAS®)
    • Spline ball ioniser / terminals (SBI® / SBT®)
  • Surge protection for petrochemical facilities (additional surge protection devices available):
    • Facility guard®
    • TLX 50® and TLX100®

Technical assessments of lightning protection systems

Lightning Eliminators conducts a free technical review and are based on photos, drawings and building plans provided by the client.

An in-house solutions specialist performs and provides basic recommendations, which will enable an initial understanding of how the client can prepare their facility.

On-site visits and studies for petrochemical facilities

Lightning Eliminators provide an on-site visit by one or more sales solution experts. This can vary from a one-day visit to a comprehensive multi-day event for large facilities with complex electrical systems. The overall cost is based on the infrastructure of the site and will generate a 'scope of work', which will allow a facility to better understand the dangers and risk from a potential lightning strike.

An after-sales site survey is the final stage in designing a solution tailored to the client's protection requirements. Performed by an engineer, the survey includes all aspects of risk analysis and design, in order to produce detailed engineering drawings and system specifications, as well as provide a practical approach in the installation process.

Site-specific design studies to protect from lightning

Lightning Eliminators' design studies provide more detailed and scientific evaluations of a site's exposure and protection options against lightning.

Clients receive a formal report sometimes with site-specific drawings of recommended designs, strike probability and transient analyses, and a risk assessment according to the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) and Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).

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Available White Papers


Improving Lightning Safety of Petroleum Storage Tanks 16 June 2016 Fires involving petroleum storage tanks are not uncommon. About one-third of all tank fires are attributed to lightning. Floating roof tanks (FRTs) are especially vulnerable to lightning.


The Secondary Effects of Lightning Activity 09 June 2016 The trend toward miniaturisation in electronic systems brings an increased sensitivity to electrical transient phenomena.


Comparison of Performance: Lightning Eliminators' DAS vs. Lightning Master 02 June 2016 The Lightning Eliminators & Consultants (LEC) Dissipation Array System (DAS) is designed to prevent lightning strikes to an object or structure under protection.


Salt Water Disposal (SWD) Site Bonding Guide for Lightning Protection 26 May 2016 Electrical storms create a charge on an SWD site. This induced charge includes the surface of the earth, fibreglass tanks, steel tanks, and other structures and operating systems at the site. When there is a nearby lightning strike to the earth, which can occur more than 100m from the site, the charge that was induced on the earth is discharged to the point of lightning termination in a matter of microseconds.


Chemical Storage Tank Arc Discharge Mitigation 19 May 2016 This technical note discusses a means for mitigating electrical discharge inside volatile chemical storage tanks, as assigned for study by Lightning Eliminators & Consultants (LEC) in July 2013.