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Since 1914, Mine Safety Appliances (MSA) has been the world's leading manufacturer of high-quality safety products, providing sophisticated devices and protective gear.

Gas and flame detection systems

MSA's core product emphasis includes fixed gas and flame detection systems, portable gas detection instruments and sensors, industrial head, eye, face, hearing and communications protection, respiratory protective equipment and fall protection products. The company's comprehensive range of products is used in a broad range of industries, including the energy (oil, gas and petrochemical), construction / contractor, government and fire service markets.

Gas monitoring instruments and flame detection

MSA develops and manufactures a complete line of fixed instruments for gas monitoring and flame detection that are designed to closely monitor hazards such as flammable gases, toxic gases and oxygen-deficient environments. Its comprehensive product line of sensors, controllers and monitors integrate the latest cutting-edge technology in sensor and instrumentation design using electrochemical, catalytic bead, metal oxide, photo-acoustic infrared, advanced acoustic detection and both point and open-path infrared sensing technologies.

Our high-performance product line provide a low total cost of ownership and our diverse technologies are currently in use in a variety of applications, including oil rigs, production platforms, wellheads, storage vessels, pipelines and compressor stations, to name a few.

Fixed gas and flame detection systems

Ultima® X Series gas monitors provide continuous monitoring of combustible and toxic gases (including hydrogen sulfide) and oxygen deficiency. They are suitable for indoor and outdoor applications in virtually any type of industry, including offshore refineries, chemical and petrochemical facilities, steel mills, water and wastewater plants, mining, and general industry.

The Gassonic Observer-i ultrasonic gas leak detector incorporates artificial neural network (ANN) technology into the detector's 'brain' and distinguishes real gas leaks from nuisance alarms without requiring any in-field training. Potentially catastrophic gas leaks can be detected instantaneously without gas having to come into contact with a sensing element; it simply 'hears' the leak.

The FlameGard5® multi-spectral infrared (MSIR) flame detector with neural network technology (NNT) sets a new industry standard for performance, reliability and value. This is the industry's first MSIR / NNT flame detector designed to operate at a longer range with a wider field of view and at a higher level of accuracy for superior false alarm immunity. Also included in the FlameGard 5 product offerings are: the FlameGard 5 UV/IR detector and FlameGard 5 UV / IR-hydrogen detector - both of which use ultraviolet and infrared detection technology to provide high immunity to false alarms; and FlameGard 5 test lamp for testing the FlameGard 5 detectors.

MODEL 10K™ fire and gas detection systems represent the next generation in highly intelligent monitoring solutions designed to help customers reduce hazard vulnerability and meet the world's most demanding safety standards. The MODEL 10K system is an innovative, modular, Factory Mutual (FM)-approved system that is highly scalable. Offering intelligence, flexibility and reliability, the system's controller hardware configuration and software have been tested by Factory Mutual to verify NFPA 72 compliance.

The Ultima OPIR-5 gas detector is an open-path IR gas detector that provides continuous monitoring of combustible gas concentrations at a path length of up to 150m. It features a dual detection range (PPM meter and LEL meter), enabling sensitivity to both small and large gas leaks. It is performance approved for use in harsh environments.

Portable gas detection instruments and sensors for downstream applications

Oxygen deficiency and/or the presence of flammable gases are typical in gas storage areas, during petrol perforation or gas treatment operations. MSA offers a complete line of portable instruments for gas detection, providing early warning where there is the risk of explosion or a high concentration of toxic gases.

The rugged, multi-featured ALTAIR® family of single gas and multi-gas detectors boast several options that provide maximum safety and are easy-to-use in even the most demanding situations. Our dedication to advanced technology and product durability not only helps to provide a high level of safety, but delivers a reduced total cost of ownership.

Industrial face, hearing and communications protection

Objects falling, electrical shocks, dripping or splashing of liquids, or works performed in high locations are the main risks that can be found in oil and gas producing (OGP) environments. To optimize safety, MSA offers complete solutions to protect the head, such as industrial helmets, face protectors, hearing protection and other accessories.

Respiratory protective equipment

MSA has a wide range of respirator masks with maintenance, chemical cartridges, combined cartridges and mechanical filters that make the Advantage respirator masks line the best and most complete option in respiratory protection available in the market.

Fall protection products

To keep workers safe at heights, MSA provides an extensive line of fall protection products with the EVOTECH®, Gravity® and Workman® lines, including: harnesses, self-retracting devices, anchorage connectors, confined space products, energy absorbing lanyards, lifelines and climbing systems, and rescue and descent products.

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