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ABLE is a leading global supplier of process instrumentation and control solutions for the oil and gas industry to measure, manage and control level, flow, pressure, temperature, oil in water, mercury vapour, and density.


When oil is pumped over considerable distances a slug catcher is conventionally used to vent off gas and remove congealed oil from the pipeline. Accurate flow measurement of the oil downstream of the slug catcher is vital for allocation and accounting purposes. The difficult process conditions, with high levels of aeration and solids, coatings and pressure surges, rule out using insertion-type flow meters or conventional non-intrusive devices.

The ABLE SlugMaster has been developed using two ultrasonic technologies for accurate, dependable flow measurement on slugging applications. Intelligent and seamless technology voting is achieved based on the process conditions, using unique mathematical software. The system accuracy exceeds that of the raw change over of both technologies.

The ABLE SlugMaster was designed and rigorously tested at ABLE’s rig facility in Reading with difficult process conditions akin to that offshore.


Recently on offshore installations when breaking containment in vessels, engineers have found deposits and small puddles of liquid mercury. Mercury will evaporate and produce harmful vapours at relatively low temperatures and when a pressurised vessel containing mercury droplets is depressurised, these vapours will be released.

When breaking containment, even though a thorough gas test has proved there is no flammable gas present, the vessel could still present a hazardous health risk from invisible mercury vapours. ABLE have a range of portable mercury analysers to detect these hazardous vapours.


The ABLE Fusion is a level measurement system, which combines the operation of a float-operated, magnetic level indicator with a guided wave radar to offer two independent proven level technologies in one system.

The combination of technology provides the operator with a fault-tolerant, reliable level system suitable for applications where critical level measurement and redundancy is required, particularly in the oil and gas industry.


ABLE offers a total management solution for monitoring oil levels in produced water in accordance with OPPC legislation. ABLE’s management service for consistently monitoring total oil discharge includes:

  • Sigrist oilguard to provide reliable, continuous process monitoring data for oil in produced water
  • Gas chromatography to verify data correlation to DTI requirements
  • High accuracy and repeatable produced water-flow metering
  • Total data management; auditable and traceable reporting to DTI standards


The TX200 pressure transmitter offers a low cost alternative to conventional pressure transmitters, which often provide additional functionality that is never used or required. The TX200 is an explosion-proof, compact, 316 stainless-steel, fixed range or field-adjustable pressure transmitter, suitable for use up to 1,723bar or 25,000psi. It is ATEX certified.


ABLE is the exclusive UK sales, support and service centre for the Fluenta range of flare gas flow meters. The FGM 160 is an ultrasonic flare gas meter, which has been developed to specifically measure flare gas in pipes where pressure, velocity and large pipe-diameters represent a real challenge.

The Fluenta flare gas meter is the most robust and accurate flare monitor on the market today and is an essential tool for E&P operators. With more than 500 flare metering systems in operation worldwide, Fluenta is a world leader in ultrasonic flare gas metering.


ABLE has opened a dedicated training facility based in Reading for high impact, hands-on training. The facility provides a working process environment where delegates can use a full range of working instrumentation for training purposes. Live images of the facility can be seen on our website.

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