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Ventx draws on over 40 years of acoustic knowledge and 30 years of quality silencer manufacturing. Our industrial vent and inline silencers are designed to meet specific customer requirements.

Ventx serves the needs of the petrochemical and service industries to manufacture a solution for venting and noise in pipework.

Industrial silencer design

The unique Ventx silencer design can provide a back pressure, which can help when selecting a valve. This is why our silencer inlets are always designed and manufactured with reference to a design code.

Carbon-steel and stainless-steel industrial silencers

Ventx’s industrial silencers are manufactured using only good quality carbon-steel or stainless-steel materials. All units are fabricated by an experienced and qualified workforce, and guaranteed for performance and build quality. Customer inspection is always welcome.

Inline silencer

A Ventx inline silencer can be supplied as either fully coded or as an insert cartridge if the customer has the capacity to manufacture coded vessels. If not, Ventx can supply the vessel design to suit the customer's requirements. These can be CE marked if required and third-party inspected.

Industrial silencers

Ventx provides the following range of industrial silencers:

  • Atmospheric vent discharge silencers
  • Control valve silencers
  • Direct in-line silencers
  • Stream ejector silencers
  • Gas ejector silencers
  • Vent silencers

Custom-built silencers

Ventx’s custom-built silencers provide customers with a cost-effective and practical solution for their noise problems. Noise is a particularly difficult factor to predict. At the core of the Ventx design procedure is an advanced computer program. This specially created program allows us to see the noise level most likely to be created from the customer-provided data.

However, it is not as simple as having a computer program. A proven noise-reduction solution is provided through the interpretation of data, combined with Vendx’s experience.

Inline silencers

Ventx’s control valve silencers are designed to provide a pressure drop or back pressure and are primarily used in conjunction with a control valve. The attenuation is achieved with a combination of diffuser design and an absorptive section.

Direct inline silencers from Ventx are designed to produce as little pressure loss as possible, but achieve the required attenuation using only an absorptive section.

Gas and steam ejector silencers

Ventx provides gas ejector silencers (GES) and steam ejector silencers (SES), which are specifically designed for use with steam or gas ejectors. Ventx calculates the ejector noise and flow mixture. As customer needs vary, Ventx is always available to discuss any specific requirement.

Atmospheric vent discharge silencers

Atmospheric vent discharge silencers from Ventx are manufactured using a combination of diffuser design and an absorptive core section. The gas and noise enter the silencer through a multi-hole diffuser and then expand through many holes into the expansion chamber.

These units can be designed to be mounted vertically or horizontally, and are available with optional bird screens and weather-hoods.

Relevant noise standards

Ventx’s industrial silencers meet the relevant noise standards, including the Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005 and Environmental Noise (England) Regulations 2007.

About Vendex

Ventx’s high level of customer service is one of the fundamentals of our business. As customer requirements may vary as the project evolves, we are always available to help with different silencing scenarios.

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Ventx: Industrial Silencer Solutions 11 March 2016 Ventx has more than a decade of industrial silencer design; it uses more than 40 years of acoustic knowledge and 30 years of quality manufacturing.