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Heavy-Duty Side Dump Technology

Side Dump Industries has developed the side dump technology used around the world today, manufacturing tough, dependable and long-lasting equipment.

Over the years, our technically skilled engineers have advanced our side dump technology by constantly improving upon each new design. Simply put, we are the people who made the side dump work and continue to make it better.

Frame rails, pivot connections, tub saddles and positive tub locks

At Side Dump, quality manufacturing comes as standard, and this is represented throughout our extensive range of trailer frames.

Side Dump Industries' deep frame rails are fabricated from extremely tough but malleable Somex-100 steel, extending the product's lifecycle and improving durability. Our trailers use the suspensions of both the trailer and the tractor to carry the load, thereby reducing stress on the frame.

Bolted cross-member and hucked pivot connections allow the frame to be flexible without snapping or cracking. With no welding, grinding or painting needed, parts replacement can take place within minutes.

Tub saddles come with a nylon, moly-filled wear pad that eliminates the need for pivot greasing, and can be unbolted and shimmed in case of wear. Positive tub locks remove any danger of the tub slipping from the saddle, and allow for easy switching of dump direction.

Domex-100 steel sub-frames

Side Dump's deep sub frame is bolted to the main frame and made from the same material, Domex-100 steel. This improves strength and ease of assembly, as well as allowing several suspension types and axle spacing, including single axle to quad axle, and from spring to air ride / airlift.

17in height, three-leaf high arch Hutch CH9700 cast spring suspension comes standard on all modules. Ridewell 25,000lbs air suspensions are standard on side dump air rides alongside 25,000lbs parallel spindle axles.

SDI Side Dumps have a 50° dump angle, allowing the tub to unload faster, leaving you with a cleaner tub. SDI's 50° dump angle is nearly 10° more than other side dumps available.

Hydraulic equipment and accessories

Side Dump provides a huge range of hydraulic equipment and accessories, including cylinders, hose and fittings, tube drains, harnesses, fittings and air lines. All components are made from 6mm Domex steel.

Some of the products offered include:

  • 5.5in cylinders with 3in rod - two cylinders push 118,750lbs at 2500 psi
  • 0.5in hydraulic hose and fittings able to handle the volume necessary for quick cycle times
  • 25in tub leading edge to tire - dumps the load away from the trailer, not under it
  • Outside rib design - eliminates obstructions from the inside of the tub cleaner
  • 2in tub drain with plug - standard on all models.
  • Sealed wiring harness - custom made for proper fit, keeps moisture and dirt out of electrical system for longer life
  • Electrical / air lines routed along frame rails for easy maintenance
  • Quick connect fittings - DOT Push-lok fittings for ease of assembly and maintenance
  • 2S2M ABS - Wabco ABS system is easy to access and maintain

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SDI: Side Dump Technology 23 October 2013 Side Dump Industries' (SDI) side dump technology has undergone continuing development and innovative assesment from the beginning, evolving it to become the industry's premier technology for side dump trailers.