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Consultancy and Process Optimisation Services for the Hydrocarbons Industry


KBC provides consultancy services and software to the hydrocarbons industry.

For more than 30 years, KBC has provided independent strategic and engineering expertise, along with cutting-edge technology, to enable leading companies in energy and process industries to manage risk while maximising return from their assets.

Consulting and software solutions to improve on capital employed

KBC serves the energy and related industries with consulting and software solutions to improve return on capital employed. Industries served include refining, petrochemical, natural gas, liquefied natural gas (LNG), floating liquefied natural gas (FLNG), biofuels, oil sands, oil production, trading, and other process industries.

Organisational effectiveness, capital investment and divestiture services

The firm focuses on providing services to its clients that address their specific needs in any market condition. KBC consultants are fully qualified and prepared to help with operational efficiency or improvements, organisational effectiveness, capital investment or rationalisation, acquisition or divestiture decisions, and overall Strategic direction.

KBC add complementary disciplines whenever they enable the firm to provide its clients with more integrated solutions. The firm expands into industries where it knows it can add client value.

The company measures its success in terms of its customer's success.

Strategic and operating decision-making services

KBC combines independent, impartial advice supported by deep industry knowledge and market insights with technical process engineering skills, best-in-class models, and simulation capabilities that include a suite of implementation services.

The firm helps clients develop practical solutions, improve decisions, benefit from market opportunities, increase operating performance, comply with environmental regulations, and improve organisational effectiveness.

KBC's goal is to help clients make strategic and operating decisions that will produce tangible results and position their organisation for better performance in the future.

Software products for monitoring and design

Plant operations involve complex interactions of many highly specialised units, strict regulations, tight product specifications, and changing economics on a global scale.

Refineries must constantly adjust their operations to accommodate different feedstocks. Optimising a plant in such an environment requires specialised methods and models to maintain margins. Petro-SIM™ and the SIM suite reactor models are the answer; they have earned their reputation as the best simulators for the process industries.

KBC's world-class energy and utilities optimisation software provides power, technical innovation, practicality, and ease-of-use. From monitoring to design, KBC's software products give you the ability to reduce operating costs, lower capital project costs, and optimise energy use.

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