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Red-D-Arc Welderentals™ provides welding and welding-related rental products and services for industrial use.

Extensive range of welding equipment

The firm offers an extensive range of rental welding equipment including:

  • Gas, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and diesel engine-driven welders
  • Metal inert gas (MIG), pulsed-MIG and flux-cored welders
  • Tungsten inert gas (TIG) and pulsed-TIG welders
  • Stick welders
  • Advanced process welders, including surface tension transfer (STT) welders
  • Vertical up (VUP) welders
  • Stud welders
  • Multi-process welders and power sources
  • Multi-operator welders
  • DC converters
  • Subarc welders

Plasma cutters, welding fume smoke extractors, wire feeders and blast-cleaning equipment for hire

A large inventory of welding-related specialty equipment is also offered by Red-D-Arc.

This includes plasma cutters, welding fume smoke extractors, semi-automatic and automatic MIG wire feeders, submerged arc wire feeders, air carbon arc gouging equipment and welding electrodes, along with flux-holding ovens, pipe bevelers, blast-cleaning equipment and induction heating equipment.

Meanwhile, the company's line of rental weld automation equipment includes welding positioners, welding manipulators, tank turning rolls, head and tailstocks positioners, as well as rotating floor turntables and other specialty pipe preparation products.

Specialists in welder rental

There are many reasons why welding professionals rent from Red-D-Arc, the welder rental specialists.

Red-D-Arc's fleet of welding and welding-related rental products includes more than 60,000 units available throughout the world.

It has both electric and engine-driven welders for just about any process and application.

Red-D-Arc's equipment diversity, expert advice and equipment performance are also key factors. The firm's cost-effective lease programme also enables clients to acquire the most up-to-date core fleet of welding equipment available, without large upfront costs.

Clients are supplied with the equipment they need, when they need it, anywhere worldwide.

Welding products for sale lease and rent through global distribution network

Red-D-Arc offers welding automation products available for sale, lease and rent through its global distribution network.

This includes welding positioners, manipulators, turning rolls, automated TIG cladding systems, growing lines and fit-up beds.

The company's standard product line of weld positioners comes with UL / CSA and CE certification for electrical controls and operational capacities, which is a first in the weld automation industry.

Red-D-Arc designs and builds complete turnkey weld automation packages, which can include integrated controls such as digital touchscreen interfaces and camera systems, for the client's complete project requirements.

A team of engineers will provide clients with weld process recommendations and equipment set-up for optimised reliability, functionality and productivity.

Diesel generators, power distribution panels and light tower for rent

Red-D-Arc offers diesel, natural gas and hybrid bi-fuel engine-driven generators for rent.

It also provides a full line of generator accessories, portable power distribution panels and towable light towers for the client's temporary jobsite electricity, power-distribution and lighting needs.

D&D Power, a Red-D-Arc company, is one of the leading power generation rental and service providers in the south-west US.

The firm offers rental power generation and light tower equipment, which includes critical response services 24-hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days a year.

It keeps oilfield power generation equipment running with more than 40 service technicians covering the shale plays of Texas, Oklahoma and south-east New Mexico.

Specialist welding-related equipment providers

Equipment range and process diversity sets Red-D-Arc apart in the welder rental industry. The company provides welding-related specialty equipment, which extends beyond the typical welding equipment catalogue.

Available custom equipment includes smoke extractors, electrode ovens, gas cylinder cages, heat treating systems and mobile welder certification trailers, compressors, as well as oxyfuel equipment.

Induction heating systems (IHS) are available for rent, lease and sale. This highly efficient technology uses non-contact heating to induce heat electromagnetically rather than using flame or resistance, resulting in a faster, safer, more localised heat treating process.

Red-D-Arc also offers cold jet dry-ice blasting and Farrow media blasting equipment for rent, lease and sale providing environmentally sustainable cleaning and advanced surface preparation.

Used welding equipment sales

Red-D-Arc equipment is renowned for its durability and reliability and its master technicians maintain all of its machinery on an ongoing basis.

In order to keep its rental fleet up-to-date with the latest equipment, the firm makes a selection of its existing inventory available for purchase.

Clients can browse Red-D-Arc's used equipment website to view a real-time inventory of professionally maintained, used welding and welding-related equipment.

Special offers are available through the website on some of its most popular equipment, providing clients with the opportunity to purchase high-end welding equipment at substantial discounts.

Cutting table sales and servicing

Red-D-Arc is an authorised dealer for several major CNC plasma and oxyfuel cutting equipment manufacturers and specialises in sales, repair, service and integration of CNC plasma and oxyfuel cutting equipment, with more than 20 years of experience on its team.

Additional services include 24/7 tech support nationwide, CNC cutting table retrofit services, training, spare parts and consumables.

Red-D-Arc's sales engineers are trained to find the best equipment to meet the client's unique needs and budget.

Its factory-trained technicians are authorised to perform warranty repairs, service and equipment set-up, as well as preventative maintenance to ensure optimal performance for a client's cutting table.

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