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Innovative, Quality Solutions at the Lowest Installed Cost for Projects of Any Size and Scope

With more than 95 locations in the US and Canada, and a growing system of distributors worldwide, Safway Group companies deliver efficient, high-performance multiservice solutions, THE SMART WAY™, by collaborating, communicating and sharing resources.

Offering experience and expertise in access, scaffolding, insulation, fireproofing, surface preparation and coatings, Safway Group companies include CL Coatings, Industrial Coatings and Fireproofing (ICF), Redi Solutions, Safway Atlantic, Safway Services, Safway Services Canada, S&E Bridge & Scaffold, and Swing Staging.

Safway Group has the largest pool of engineering staff, an exclusive project management system, and an award-winning safety excellence record. The company offers a full line of products and services companies that design and implement innovative, quality solutions at the lowest installed cost for projects of any size and scope, and has been an industry leader since 1936.

With tight deadlines, quick turnarounds and safe jobsites as a priority, Safway offers a complete package of products and services to handle your next scheduled outage, emergency work or routine maintenance project from start to finish, and has the experience to handle your next hydrocarbon and petrochemical project. Having serviced some of the largest refineries in North America, Safway is an expert in providing refinery access, including access on fluid catalytic cracking units (FCCU).

Versatile scaffold systems for the hydrocarbons industry

Safway's Systems™ scaffold is one of the most versatile scaffold systems available. Systems allows the connection of horizontals at 360 degrees around the post. Its fast erection and dismantle time can help reduce your labour and materials cost, especially during costly turnarounds, as well as reduce workers' exposure to hazards.

Due to its versatility, Systems scaffold is extremely efficient at being erected quickly around vessels, including cat crackers (FCCU), tanks and storage systems, allowing work to progress at any level.

Proving strength and reliability for power work, Systems has passed all seismic qualification tests of Class 1E equipment in May 2010, and is in full compliance with ANSI and IEEE standard 344-1987. The scaffold's seismic test input was 10% greater than any other known seismic qualification test of scaffold in its class.

Scaffold management system

In addition to Safway's experienced project managers who have been on numerous jobsites and experienced a number of timetable challenges, the company offers the Safway Tracking System (STS), an exclusive scaffold management system that captures and generates real-time data about your project's equipment, labour and productivity.

The STS system takes project information and transforms it into valuable reports on your use of scaffold, including:

  • On-site scaffold productivity
  • Types of scaffold used and where
  • Scaffold location
  • Total man hours / employees' daily time
  • Total scaffold cost per area
  • Scaffold erection duration

With clear, visible reporting, you are ensured the most effective use of your jobsite's scaffolding and labour.

Advanced scaffold training programmes

Safway believes that all accidents are preventable. In order to enforce this philosophy, Safway offers one of the most advanced training programmes designed to meet OSHA's competent person requirement. The company's national team of dedicated safety professionals helps ensure that safety comes first with behaviour-based processes that consistently reinforce safety.

All of Safway's training, safety seminars and literature materials are designed to comply with current OSHA, Cal / OSHA and OH&S regulations. Taking safety to the next level, Safway is the only company with its own scaffold training school, the Safway Training University. More than 35,000 employees, customers and competitors have been trained by Safway's group of scaffold specialists.

In many situations, Safway can dedicate a site safety professional to your jobsite. As an expert in safety, health and environmental policies, your site safety professional can assist field management with onsite safety programmes and ensure compliance with site safety and government regulations, such as OSHA, Cal / OSHA and OH&S. Safway's site safety professionals receive specialised training and support from the corporate safety staff. Site safety training encompasses various areas from job position and task training, to customer support, protocols and jobsite paperwork.

Scaffold products for the hydrocarbons industry

Beyond all of the services offered to complete your job safely, on time and on budget, Safway has the products to get jobs done efficiently. In addition to the Systems scaffold, Safway offers a full range of products for rental and sale, including:

  • Systems™ scaffold
  • Sectional scaffold
  • SafLock™ system
  • Suspended scaffold
  • QuikDeck™ suspended access system
  • SafMax® scaffold
  • Tube and clamp scaffold
  • Shoring
  • Motorised ground-based products (including personnel / material hoists and lifts)
  • Insulation services
  • Coating services

No matter the project, including those tight deadlines and quick turnarounds, Safway has the services and products to handle your hydrocarbon and petrochemical access challenges.

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