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The Industry Report Store is a trusted authority on market and company intelligence, providing access to over 150,000 comprehensive market research reports on 40 industries spanning over 100 countries. Our reports range from global and country sector reports, consumer trend reports and competitive analyses, to market guides and much more.

Our reports are comprised of insightful research from carefully selected primary and secondary sources, as well as data gathered from expert analysts, proprietary databases, and industry surveys. With access to over 400 journalists and in-house analysts, and a global media presence in over 30 industries, the Industry Report Store delivers in-depth knowledge of local markets worldwide.

Under the microscope: hydrocarbons

The Industry Report Store offers GlobalData Energy reports on both market and company intelligence concerning the oil and gas industry, providing essential industry information on hydrocarbons. Reports provide detailed analysis on important shifts and events in the industry that allow business leaders to stay on top of latest news and predict its effects on the industry, as well as the likely future behaviour of competitors. Additional reports in the oil and gas sector cover technological and legislative developments, from well-site and pipeline issues, to upstream, midstream and downstream in the energy sector, essential information for anyone working in the hydrocarbon industry.

Our unique databases, quality expert analysis and powerful workflow tools are brought to you on an online subscription platform to provide decision-critical support for oil and gas professionals.

Why do you need us?

Our reports are trusted by a multitude of Fortune 500 companies and industry leaders. Whether you are looking to hone your competitive advantages in the ever-evolving energy industry, explore a new market, open up new distribution channels or better understand the behaviour of consumers or suppliers, we can provide you with the effective tools you need to power your decision making into the next century.

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