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Above-Ground Storage, Tank Lifting, Relocation and Foundations

A R Watson has been safely and successfully lifting and relocating above-ground storage tanks (AST) for 30 years. With international operations, we have been continually modifying our engineering and updating our lifting procedures using the latest technology, whilst always focusing on our client concerns for cost and safety.

Tank lifting technology for bulk storage tanks

Tank lifting technology is now widely accepted and meets all industry codes, standards and recommended practices. Work is completed only after thorough professional engineering evaluations are performed and accomplished with very conservative safety factors built in.

AST tank lifting, repairs and relocations

The group has developed a unique method for lifting AST tanks for tank bottom and foundation repairs, installing second area containment and tank relocation projects. Our patented Watson Air Lift® technology has been used to move over 1,000 bulk storage tanks of sizes up to 300ft in diameter and 1,800t in weight.

Floor support for large diameter tanks

Floor support, required with large diameter tanks, can be provided without the need to cut holes in the tank floor. The system can be used on any size tank, is safe and does not require hot work to be performed. This allows tanks which contain residue, have leaked or have not been gas freed, to be safely lifted.

The Watson Air Lift technology creates the least possible stress in the tank by spreading loads over a considerable length of the tank shell. Foundation stresses are low and do not exceed the stresses generated under normal tank operations.

Lifting and relocation of AST tanks

A R Watson has experience in successfully and safely relocating AST tanks. Prior to any tank lift or relocation, we perform a series of extensive engineering calculations on the tank, taking into account not only the stress to the tank but also local conditions such as wind and seismic activity.

Tank relocation is a valuable tool for tank farm owners and operators, allowing cost-effective and time-saving solutions to reclaim unused land or consolidate assets. This technology is now accepted around the world.

AST tank foundations

We use an elevated, compacted, crushed rock foundation with a corrosion-prevention asphalt cap (built like a road) for AST tank foundations. This raised foundation has been put to the test and has lived up to its design flawlessly after years of use.

The quality of our AST tank foundations is becoming widely accepted by many US and European companies as the industry standard. When built on good foundations, tanks have lasted 50 years or more.

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