GWC Valve International

Design, Manufacture and Supply of Quarter-Turn and Multi-Turn Valves

GWC Valve International is a worldwide manufacturer and supplier of an extensive range of valves for a variety of demanding industries. Our products are made to meet the strictest of process requirements. Our offering includes trunnion mounted and floating ball valves, butterfly valves, cast and forged gate, globe, check, as well as wafer check valves.

Quarter-turn and multi-turn valves

The flow control packages we offer have quarter-turn and multi-turn items at their core, for use in general applications to more advanced demands. They come in a range of sizes, trims, alloys, configurations and pressure classes.

The company's worldwide operations are certified and licensed to meet API-6D, API-6A, API-600, PED, ISO 9000 requirements. At our manufacturing facilities around the world, we provide excellence in sales, supply and customer service.

GWC's philosophy is to never compromise on quality, which ensures satisfaction from customers, that is proven by repeat business.
GWC Valve International is an established global company with a product installed base in more than 50 countries worldwide.

GWC ball valves to meet API 6D / 6A AND ASME / ANSI standards

GWC ball valves are designed, manufactured and tested to successfully meet API and ASME / ANSI standards, as well as other international standards on request, including DIN and BS. Available models include trunnion mounted, floating flanges ball valves; in addition to threaded and socket weld types for standard and high pressure applications.

Cast and forged steel gate, globe and check valves

GWC produces an extensive range of API 600 / 603 cast steel gate, globe, and check valves. In addition, we have other designs available, such as cryogenic valves, O-ring seal block and bleed gate valves. The pressure class ranges from ASME 150-1500 with size range from 2in-60in.

The company produces a range of API 602 / ASME B16.34 forged steel gate, globe, and check valves. Other designs we offer include cryogenic valves, and Y-pattern globe and check valves. Items in this line are available in sizes from ¼in-2in and pressure ranges from ASME 150-2500.

Design and manufacturing of pressure seal

GWC designs and manufactures an array of API 600/ ASME B16.34 pressure seal including:

  • Globe and check valves
  • Cast steel pressure seal gates
  • Tilting discs
  • Stop check valves
  • Piston types

Triple offset, high-performance and resilient seated butterfly valves

GWC produces API 609 butterfly valves in three options: triple offset, high-performance and resilient seated. These items are widely used throughout a range of industries, including oil and gas, marine, mining , power and pulp and paper. They are available in size range 2in-60in and ASME pressure class range of 125-600.

Dual plate retainer less design check valves

GWC Product line of Dual plate Check Valves are produced in wafer, lugged and flanged type. For a broad range of applications. Size range in 2in-60in and ASME pressure class of 125-1500.

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GWC Valve International, Inc
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United States of America
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Proven Technology for Individual Valve Solutions Worldwide 13 March 2013 GWC Valve international, Inc is headquartered in Bakersfield, California, US. We are a global manufacturer and supplier of valves to oil and gas, petrochemical, chemical, mining and minerals, power, marine and industrial markets.


GWC Trunnion Mounted Ball Valves 13 March 2013 GWC forged body trunnion mounted ball valves are designed, constructed and tested according to API-6D. The full range of GWC Trunnion Ball Valves are supplied standard in full compliance with NACE MR-01-75.