Solenoid Valves, Instrumentation and Accessories

MB VALVESERVICE is a specialist distributor of solenoid valves, instrumentation and related accessories, providing customised technical solutions for severe-service applications within hostile and hazardous environments.

MB VALVESERVICE's key products include:

  • Solenoid-operated valves
  • Externally piloted valves
  • General instrumentation including high-pressure ball and needle valves
  • Instrumentation valve manifolds: block-and-bleed and double-block-and-bleed configurations
  • Pneumatic filter regulators including associated options
  • Gas-over-oil hydraulic components for wellhead and actuator control-panel assemblies

Solenoid valves for process control

We provide direct-acting solenoid valves certified for hazardous-area use as well as general air, gas and liquid handling in oil and gas and petrochemical applications and the power-generation industry.

  • Sizes up to 4in
  • Flanged or threaded
  • Working pressures up to 207bar
  • Various options (manual override and reset, limit switches, etc.)

Solenoid valves for chemical injection

We provide bellows-sealed direct-lift solenoid valves suitable for the most common chemicals and additives used in the oil and gas industry, like methanol, corrosion inhibitors, demulsifiers, etc. Certified for hazardous areas, they can be flanged or threaded. Options include packing vents for monitoring.

Solenoid valves for high temperature/pressure

These bellows-sealed direct-lift solenoid valves are suitable for high-temperature and high-pressure gas combinations in the offshore industry. They are fully epoxy-painted to suit corrosive environments.

  • Flanged or threaded
  • Working temperatures up to 260°C
  • Certified for hazardous areas
  • Various options including limit switches

Solenoid valves for fire-fighting systems

Our direct-acting solenoid valves for fire-fighting systems are certified for hazardous areas. They are suitable for extremely corrosive environments and severe-service applications like seawater to pilot deluge valves.

They possess a body and trim made of aluminium/bronze and titanium, and various options including a device for line-monitoring systems and an automatic latching lever function for safety.

Solenoid valves for pneumatic and hydraulic automation

These direct-acting solenoid valves are certified for hazardous areas. Of compact design, they have a low power, heavy-duty, full 316 stainless-steel construction. They are manufactured to meet the oil and gas and petrochemical industries' needs.

  • Hi-flow
  • Working pressures up to 414bar
  • Operation from 2W

Solenoid valves warehouse

MB VALVESERVICE runs its activity in a new 750m² headquarters in Grassobbio with 500m² dedicated to the solenoid valves warehouse, allowing the enormous advantage of having a high stock level. Our 20 years' experience in the field together with excellent partnerships is the key to our success.

Customised severe-service solenoid valves

MB VALVESERVICE places particular attention on customer requests and consequent study, and provides the right technical answer from either within its standard range or by providing a customised technical solution. We specialise in equipment for severe-service applications within hostile and hazardous environments.

Our service is based on flexibility and dynamism, a qualified level of knowledge and experience, and a strong established cooperation with the R&D departments of our partners.

As an agent and stock distributor and through to agreements with the most important Italian valve manufacturers, MB VALVESERVICE serves many major industries including oil and gas, LNG, processing, chemicals, petrochemicals and refining, power and energy, gas turbines, burner and boiler manufacturers, actuator and control OEMs, and EPC contractors.

Contact Details

Via Zanica 19e
24050 Grassobbio (BG)
+39 035 335621
+39 035 3843864

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MB VALVESERVICE Company Brochure 07 February 2014 MB VALVESERVICE is a specialist distributor of valves, instrumentation and related accessories, providing customised technical solutions for severe applications within hostile and hazardous environments.