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Rotork is a leading manufacturer of electric, hydraulic and pneumatic valve actuators. Rotork also manufactures the control systems, valve gearboxes and valve accessories associated with its actuators, and is supported by a worldwide service network.

Valve actuators for the hydrocarbons industry

Rotork products are used on applications throughout virtually all upstream and downstream activities, ranging from offshore production facilities through refining and processing, to transportation of finished products via pipelines or vessels.

We have over 50 years’ experience in serving the hydrocarbons industry. We have a full range of actuators, all designed to meet the stringent requirements of the oil and gas industry and to provide the exacting levels of durability and reliability required.

At Rotork, we provide actuators for new build projects as well as complete support programmes, including retrofit and maintenance. Rotork actuators are accurate, robust and efficient. They provide precise control, lower costs and a safe environment.

Electric actuators

Our range of actuators is designed to fulfil all the requirements of the oil and gas industry.

The IQPro intelligent electric actuator range features legendary innovations, including Rotork’s unique double-sealed enclosure, ‘non-intrusive’ infra-red commissioning, data-logging and predictive maintenance capabilities. IQPro functionality and reliability is available for valves of virtually every size and description, including multi-turn (rotary), quarter-turn, isolating and modulating, with watertight and hazardous area approvals to all internationally recognised standards.

The CVA and GPSA actuator ranges apply state-of-the-art electrical and mechanical technologies to the ‘smart’ operation of linear and rotary control valves demanding continuous, repeatable modulation, with a programmable fail to position option. The range demonstrates unrivalled control valve automation, combined with advanced, non-intrusive calibration and valve diagnostic technologies.

Electric actuator ranges also include the AWT range for simplified control duties, and ROM and Q direct-drive actuators for small quarter-turn valves.

Control and serial communication options, encompassing Rotork’s proprietary Pakscan and open systems including Profibus, Foundation Fieldbus, Modbus and DeviceNet, complete an unbroken chain of Rotork reliability from the valve to the control room and, via Ethernet, to anywhere on the planet.

Pneumatic, hydraulic, gas-over oil and electro-hydraulic actuators

Rotork Fluid Systems’ product offering encompasses P, GP, CP, RC200 / RCI200 and R ranges of scotch-yoke and rack-and-pinion pneumatic actuators, H, GH and RH hydraulic actuators, the GO range of gas-over-oil actuators, the HPG range of high-pressure direct gas actuators and the Skilmatic range of electro-hydraulic actuators.

In addition to quarter-turn designs, most ranges are also available for linear valve applications. Many actuators are built for critical high-speed failsafe or emergency shutdown (ESD) duties in harsh locations, including subsea actuators for valves at depths measured in hundreds of metres.

About Rotork

The Rotork group of companies comprises three actuation divisions. In addition, Rotork Site Services provides worldwide planned and emergency actuation services including: actuator overhauling, health checks, retrofit, preventative maintenance and extended scope projects.

Electric valve actuators

Rotork Controls is Rotork’s electric valve actuator division, offering an electrical solution to industrial valve control and actuation applications of virtually any size, description and complexity.

Rotork Controls’ capabilities encompass actuators and control systems for new plants, plant extensions and upgrades, together with life of plant support. All activities are available from the world’s largest dedicated sales and service network, providing a truly local service that is tailored for the specific needs of customers and industries in every part of the globe.

Fluid power valve actuators for the hydrocarbons industry

Rotork Fluid Systems is dedicated to the design, manufacture, sale and support of high torque and reliable fluid power valve actuators on a global scale.

Manufacturing plants in Italy, Germany, the US and Sweden are supported by a strategic network of Centres of Excellence, serving application engineering, control system packaging, installation, commissioning and after sales support for local industries.

Rotork Fluid Systems’ commitment to quality and safety includes custom test systems to secure the correct operation and functionality of products and assist with research and development.

Valve gearboxes and accessories

Rotork Gears offers an unrivalled service for valve gearboxes and accessories, completing Rotork’s status as the ‘one-stop-shop’ for valve actuation and control equipment for applications of all sizes and complexity.

Built in factories in the UK, US, Italy, Holland, India and China, gearbox products range from low-cost manual operators to highly specified versions for critical sub-sea or buried valve services.

In addition Rotork Gears is the source for a complete range of positioners, switchboxes, solenoids, mounting kits, spools, pedestals, extension spindles, chainwheels and handwheels.

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Press Release

Rotork to Provide SIL-Certified IQ3 Valve Actuators for Iraq’s Karbala Refinery

The Iraq-based State Company of Oil Projects (SCOP) is currently building a new facility known as the Karbala Refinery, which is expected to use cutting-edge refining and automated control processes to optimise the production of petrol, jet fuel, gas and fuel oil, and asphalt.

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Press Release

5 February 2018

The Iraq-based State Company of Oil Projects (SCOP) is currently building a new facility known as the Karbala Refinery, which is expected to use cutting-edge refining and automated control processes to optimise the production of petrol, jet fuel, gas and fuel oil, and asphalt.

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11 January 2018

Fairchild, a brand of hydraulic control systems specialist Rotork Instruments, is a leading manufacturer of precision pneumatic and electro-pneumatic components for industrial applications.

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18 September 2017

Rotork is pleased to announce that its Skilmatic SI electro-hydraulic actuators have been deployed at Mauritius' SSR International Airport, as part of an initiative to increase safety and efficiency at the site.

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15 September 2017

Many refinery operators have spoken of the need to increase the efficiency of flow control within their plants, as well as the requirement for a system to allow their Distributed Control System (DCS) to show whether their on-site valves are in an open or closed position.

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11 September 2017

UK-based Rotork has received an order for multiple types of valve actuators, which will be used for a number of different applications at a new Middle East-based crude oil refinery that is currently under development.

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5 September 2017

UK-based actuator and flow control technology company Rotork is pleased to announce it has received an order for 220 pneumatic actuator systems, which will be deployed for the NASR Phase II Full Field Development Project situated in the UAE.

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