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Internal Corrosion Monitoring using Weight-Loss Corrosion Coupons and Electronic Probes

Internal Monitoring Services to Ensure Pipeline Integrity

Rysco Corrosion Services Inc

In 2003 alone, it was estimated that Canadian pipeline operators transported 5.9 trillion cubic feet of gas and 860 million barrels of oil. Canadian pipelines are now in excess of 62,000 miles for total length.

To ensure the integrity of pipeline systems, the AEUB implemented Directive 041 in July 2006. Directive 041 is the formal adoption of CSA Z662-03, Annex N. This directive states that licensees of pipelines must develop and implement an integrity management programme in accordance with CSA Z662-03. Pipeline operators are now mandated to have integrity management programmes. AEUB Directive 066 (Requirements and Procedures for Pipelines) also details the importance of monitoring.

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