ADNOC to expand EOR and ERD technology usage to maximise resource value

Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) has announced that it will expand the usage of Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) and Extended Reach Drilling (ERD) technologies to maximise the value of its resources.

The company has planned to accelerate the development of its hydrocarbon resources and improve its recovery from its numerous smaller yet complex reserve structures.

ADNOC plans to enhance recovery from the reserves through partnership and technology implementation.

The company has started using ERD since the early 90s, when it maximised the contact with the reservoir through horizontal drilling.

"ADNOC plans to enhance recovery from the reserves through partnership and technology implementation."

Since 2014, ADNOC has been using this technology to cluster wells in its onshore and offshore fields. The company uses carbon dioxide and gas injection EOR to increase the lifespan and productivity of mature oilfields.

ADNOC has planned to improve its crude oil production by 400,000 barrels per day over the next two years.

ADNOC exploration, development and production director Abdulmunim Al Kindy said: “We are focusing on delivering more valuable and profitable operations across exploration, drilling and production, while maintaining the highest standards of HSE and protecting the integrity of our assets.

“We have already laid the foundations to enable ADNOC to achieve maximum economic and technically viable production levels in order to maximise our contribution to Abu Dhabi and to ensure we stay competitive and deliver the greatest value from our resources.”

Meanwhile, the company has also unveiled new Gas Master Plan that will ensure a consistent and affordable supply of gas to meet the growing energy requirements of Abu Dhabi and ADNOC’s international customers.

ADNOC gas management director Omar Suwaina Al Suwaidi said: “ADNOC is exploring a number of options to make more gas available for higher priority applications, maintain a sustainable gas supply, and meet Abu Dhabi’s increasing gas demand in the future.”