Enbridge closes Ozark pipeline after leakage in Missouri

Enbridge has closed and isolated the Ozark pipeline after a leakage released approximately 365 barrels of light oil in Lawrence County, Missouri.

Cleanup of the oil spill is currently underway, due to which the local highway had to be closed.

The company has also ordered an investigation to identify the causes of this leakage from the 22in diameter pipeline.

The company did not specify the time when the pipeline can resume service, reported Reuters.

Enbridge spokeswoman Jennifer Smith was quoted by the news agency as saying: “At approximately 10:18am, central time on 14 January, a leak detection alarm notified workers of a potential release on Line 51, the Ozark pipeline, at the Lawrence Pump Station, in Lawrence County, Missouri.”

"The company did not specify the time when the pipeline can resume service, reported Reuters."

The pipeline transports oil to refineries located in Wood River, Illinois from Cushing in Oklahoma, reported Ozarksfirst.com.

This pipeline is also referred as Line 51 and was built in 1952.

Jennifer Smith also stated that most of the oil leakage was restricted within the property, while some oil traversed to the drainage area underneath Highway M.

The surrounding landowners expressed their concern that the oil leakage may contaminate the ground water. However, the company allaying their concerns stated that it is working with the Missouri Department of Natural Resources for a thorough cleanup of the area to avoid groundwater contamination.

Enbridge has also stated that it will undertake water well testing if necessary.