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Gran Tierra Energy completes oil flow tests in Moqueta-7 well in Colombia

9 January 2013

Gran tierra

Canada-based oil and gas company Gran Tierra Energy has completed oil flow testing of the Moqueta-7 well in Putumayo Basin, Colombia.

The Moqueta-7 bottom hole is located close to the western extremity of the main block of the Moqueta field.

The company collected reservoir data and fluid samples from the T-Sandstone and Caballos formations in three repeated fault blocks, using a hydraulic jet pump.

Located in the primary fault block, the T-Sandstone formation includes 44ft true vertical depth (TVD) gross reservoir of net reservoir thickness.

The formation was pierced and tested from 6,641ft to 6,710ft measured depth (MD) for 78 hours, at a rate of 463 barrels of oil per day of 23.7° API oil with a 0.4% water cut.

The original Caballos formation includes 200ft TVD gross reservoir or 68ft TVD net reservoir thickness, and was penetrated and tested from 6,890ft to 7,183ft MD for 59 hours, at a rate of 267 BOPD of 23.8° API oil with a 1.1% water cut.

Gran Tierra has discovered another oil producing Caballos Sandstone reservoir section in a new unrecognized fault block at 90ft TVD of gross reservoir or 55ft TVD of net reservoir thickness.

The company penetrated and tested the interval from 7,466ft to 7,528ft MD using a hydraulic jet pump for five hours at 100 barrels of oil per day of 25.3° API oil, with a stabilised water cut of about 1%.

With further drilling, a second fault was crossed and another repeated oil-bearing Caballos Sandstone reservoir section was discovered in a new and unrecognized fault block.

The company penetrated and tested the interval from 7,680ft to 7,790ft for 13 hours using a hydraulic jet pump at 316 barrels of oil per day of 26.5° API oil, with a 2.8% water cut.

Gran Tierra Energy president and CEO, Dana Coffield, said that the company has found additional resource potential in the Moqueta-7 appraisal well at the Moqueta oil discovery in Colombia and is planning to drill along with the already drilled Moqueta-8 appraisal well.

"We have yet to define the boundaries of the growing field, and are currently planning the next three wells to continue the appraisal programme in the first half of 2013," added Coffield.

In February 2013, Gran Tierra is expected to commence drilling of Moqueta-9, the next well in the appraisal programme to identify the reserve potential of the field.

In Argentina, the company has drilled the PMN-1117 horizontal well, which reached a total depth of about 2,130m MD (1,408m TVD) on 27 October 2012.

In Peru, the company has commenced drilling of the Bretaña Norte 95-2-1XD exploration well in Block 95 on 15 December 2012.

In Brazil, Gran Tierra has drilled the 1-GTE-05HP-BA horizontal oil exploration well on Block 142 onshore Recôncavo Basin, while the horizontal liner has been set and the multi-stage fracture stimulation is expected in February, 2013.

Image: Gran Tierra Energy completes oil flow testing of the Moqueta-7 well. Photo: Courtesy of ShavPS.

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