Weir Oil & Gas receives $12m contract from Kuwait Oil Company

Glasgow-based Weir Oil and Gas has received a $12m contract from Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) through its representative in Kuwait Khuff Trading and Contracting.

According to the contract, Weir Oil and Gas will supply 295 Seaboard wellheads in 11 different wellhead configurations ranging from 3,000 pounds per square inch (psi) to 10,000psi.

The products comprise conventional wellheads, along with HH cladded and solid block dual completion trees.

Weir Oil & Gas interim EMEA regional managing director Fraser Park said: “This is a significant milestone as we continue to devote resources to such a vital region of the world’s upstream market.

“Since opening the first wellhead manufacturing facility in Dubai’s Jebel Ali Free Zone last year, our commitment to keeping customers productive and profitable in challenging conditions has not wavered.

“To have an industry leader such as KOC entrust us with their wellheads demonstrates that we are delivering on our promise.”

Weir Oil and Gas not only provides manufacturing service for the upstream and downstream markets but also delivers maintenance-integrated services contracts to operators in the region.

This wide scope helps it to serve companies such as KOC.

Khuff Trading and Contracting managing director Ahmed Dick said: “Partnering with Weir is an extension of several components of KOC’s 2030 Strategy.

“From maximising the strategic value of oil, realising the value from technology and all the while adhering to strict safety and environmental protocols, our alliance with Weir Oil & Gas is an important component to KOC’s long-term strategies.”

"This is a significant milestone as we continue to devote resources to such a vital region of the world’s upstream market."

Weir develops critical service equipment through a customised approach. The strategy is also applied in designing the Seaboard two-stage, single bore wellhead system, mandrel casing hangers through BOP installed lockdown seal assemblies and the Seaboard versatile quick-connect hub.

It allows the operators to run the wellhead system through the rotary-table, landing on the conductor.

This approach uses an integral lockdown seal assembly rather than traditional hanger lock-down screws, therefore eliminating probable leak paths.

Weir also provides field services and training through its manufacturing facility in the Jebel Ali Free Zone.

Image: Weir wellheads. Photo: Courtesy of Global Weir