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13 July 2018
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White Papers

Making Wet Waste Destruction a Sustainable Reality
Irish environmental company SCFI was supported by the European Union’s Eco-Innovation initiative in a project to build a portable unit to demonstrate its innovative AquaCritox® wet waste treatment technology.

Vacuum Drying Solutions for Pipeline Drying Operations
Pneumofore was engaged in the drying of a 1,386km-long pipeline spanning from East to Western India in 2007, as part of a collaboration with US-based BJ Services.

Cutting-Edge Pumping Solutions for the Oil and Gas Downstream Processing Industry
Sulzer understands the many sophisticated processes used in the oil and gas downstream processing industry.

Robust Safety Solutions for the Hydrocarbons Sector
Checkers Safety Group is a leading supplier of high-quality safety products that have been carefully optimised for oil and gas industry applications.

Service Solutions for the Oil and Gas Industry
Customised and innovative service solutions help you to reduce maintenance time and cost, and improve the efficiency and reliability of your equipment.

Press Releases

Intertec Unveils New Robust Enclosures for In-Field Energy Storage Systems
Leading field equipment protection solutions provider Intertec recently launched a new line of hard-wearing enclosures at Electrical Energy Storage (EES) exhibition in Munich, Germany, which have been carefully developed to protect field-based energy storage systems and related equipment.

Pneumofore Introduces New Atex-Certified K Series Gas Compressors
Vacuum pump and compressor systems specialist Pneumofore is pleased to announce the launch of its new line of K Series rotary vane gas compressor solutions, which have been specially designed to deliver optimum performance in industrial gas treatment and processing applications.

Sulzer’s BLUE BOX™ Software Delivers Increased Pipeline Profitability
Sulzer is delighted to announce the launch of the BLUE BOX™ software suite, which comprises a range of Internet of Things (IoT) and Cloud solutions designed to offer effective asset optimisation and deliver precise predictive maintenance in real-time.

Polyguard Introduces RD-6® UVO Pipeline Coating Solution
US-based pipeline coating specialist Polyguard Products is pleased to announce the launch of its latest innovative surface protection solution, the RD-6® UVO liquid overcoat.

Fuel Retailing From the Cloud
Implico is to showcase its innovative solutions at the Asia Fuel Retail Conference 2018.


China Petrochemical and Total SA lead global ethylene capacity additions
GlobalData’s latest report, Quarterly Global Ethylene Capacity and Capital Expenditure Outlook - China Petrochemical Corp and Total SA Lead Global Capacity Additions states that the global ethylene capacity is poised to see considerable growth over the next nine years, potentially increasing from 184.5 million tonnes per annum (mtpa) in 2017 to 261.7mtpa in 2026.

Canadian oil sands: discounts to persist without new pipeline capacity
Canada’s existing oil pipeline and railway capacity is enough to support oil sands current exports but with little extra room for logistic constraints.

China and the US to drive global propylene capacity growth
GlobalData’s latest report, ‘Quarterly Global Propylene Capacity and Capital Expenditure Outlook - China and the US to Drive Global Capacity Growth’ states that the global propylene capacity is poised to see considerable growth over the next nine years, potentially increasing from 121.7 million tonnes per annum (mtpa) in 2017 to 143.4mtpa in 2026.

Asia and the Middle East lead globally on ammonia capacity additions
GlobalData’s latest report, ‘Quarterly Global Ammonia Capacity and Capital Expenditure Review - Asia and the Middle East to Lead Globally in Terms of Ammonia Capacity Additions’ states that the global ammonia capacity is poised to see considerable growth over the next nine years, potentially increasing from 243 million tonnes per annum (mtpa) in 2017 to 284mtpa in 2026.

China and Nigeria drive global refinery capacity additions and capex
GlobalData’s latest report, ‘Semi-Annual Global Capacity and Capital Expenditure Outlook for Refineries - Developing Countries Drive Global Capacity Additions and Capital Spending’ states that global crude distillation unit (CDU) capacity is expected to register strong growth of 16.7% over the next four years, increasing from 101 million barrels per day (mmbd) in 2018 to 117mmbd by 2022.


Ungheni-Chisinau Natural Gas Pipeline
The Ungheni-Chisinau natural gas pipeline is a proposed 120km extension to the existing Ungheni-Iasi gas interconnector, which was originally built in Moldova in 2015.

Nong Fab LNG Receiving Terminal
The Nong Fab LNG receiving terminal is proposed to be built at Baan Nong Fab in the Muang Rayong District of Thailand's Rayong Province.

Alberta Carbon Trunk Line, Alberta
The Alberta Carbon Trunk Line (ACTL) is a 240km-long, 16in-diameter pipeline that is currently being constructed in Alberta, Canada.

Santos GLNG Gas Field Development Project, Queensland
The Santos GLNG gas field development, also known as the GFD project, is an extension of the Gladstone liquefied natural gas (GLNG) project.

Messoyakhskoye Group of Fields, Yamalo-Nenetsk Autonomous Region
The Messoyakhskoye (Messoyakha) Group of Fields comprises the Vostochno (Eastern) Messoyakhskoye and Zapadno (Western) Messoyakhskoye fields in Russia.

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