KNG Scaffolding Cable Management Systems and BSI Kite-Marked, Machine-Banded Scaffold Boards

KNG Scaffolding imports, exports and trades a range of high-quality construction material from our headquarters in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, including scaffolding material such as BS 2482 standard kite-marked scaffold boards, construction timber, OBO Bettermann cable trays, ladders and accessories, and more.

Specialist, high-quality scaffolding materials

As a specialist supplier of scaffolding materials, KNG Scaffolding has large inventories in our warehouses to service our clients’ needs within a very short lead period. This allows us to be the most reliable, responsive and quality-focused partner for all our customers’ needs. We are also able to ship directly from Europe, which enables us to quote unbeatable prices.

At our logistics facilities in Jebel Ali Free Zone, Dubai, we make further checks to ensure that none of our scaffolding materials have been damaged during transit. Our land transport services are also closely monitored to ensure that deliveries are made on time, in a manner that assures our clients that their supplies will be available when required.

BS 2482 standard kite-marked, machine-banded scaffold boards

KNG Scaffolding offers the very best scaffolding products in the hydrocarbons technology market. The production process for scaffold boards at our sawmill is completely automated, with laser measuring equipment to ensure compliance to BS 2482 standards of 38mm x 225mm x 3,900mm (exactly).

Our computerized kiln drying facility ensures a moisture content of 17% throughout the length of the board. An automatic end-banding machine further ensures that microscopic cracks do not get a chance to grow during the transportation and storage process.

BSI-certified scaffold boards

KNG Scaffolding’s scaffold boards are compliant with the safety standards specified by the British Standards Institute with regards to knotholes, wane and fissures. We employ full-time BS-trained and certified graders to ensure these specifications are met. These processes have enabled us to acquire BSI kite-marking certification and as such, each and every board is kite-marked and graded to a 1.5m support span.

KNG Scaffolding offers readily available scaffolding boards in regular sizes of 3.9m, 3m, and 2m. Custom sizes can be manufactured as required.

Cable support systems

KNG Scaffolding offers a comprehensive range of practical, easy-mounting cable support systems from OBO Bettermann, a 100-year-old German manufacturing company, which offers over 30,000 products and services. Whether laying power cables, a network of data cables or installing lighting systems, OBO’s cable support systems are the perfect solution for all aspects of an electrical installation. The systems are user-friendly, practical products for fast, uncomplicated installation.

Cable trays, cable ladders and accessories

OBO’s range of cable support systems (KTS) includes the following:

  • Cable tray systems
  • Mesh cable tray systems (wire baskets)
  • Cable ladder systems
  • Vertical ladder systems
  • Stainless steel systems
  • Complete support systems and accessories

Cable connection and fastening systems

KNG Scaffolding offers OBO’s collection of connection and fastening systems (VBS), which include junction box systems, cable glands systems, beam clamp systems, rail systems and BSS U-clamp systems.

Lightning protection and earthing systems

KNG Scaffolding provides transient and lightning protection systems (TBS) from OBO, including surge protection systems, lightning protection systems and earthing systems.

We carry sufficient stocks of OBO products to ensure our customers have responsive, reliable and hassle-free access under the most demanding of deadlines. With our technical expertise, customers can count on us to understand specific needs and provide the best possible solutions.

Large volumes of scaffolding materials

KNG Scaffolding’s business philosophy ensures our clients can count on us to deliver large volumes of high-quality products in a reliable, responsive manner. We strive to empathise with our customers’ needs and communicate in a manner that builds assurance.

We seek to build long-term partnerships with our customers by focusing on the delivery of high-quality products and services, delivered in a professional manner, at rates that are conducive to long-term business.

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