Best Tech Brands Fuel Additives and Engine Treatments for Fleet Management Operations

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Best Tech Brands manufacturers and markets fuel economy, wear and emission-reducing technologies for both consumers, commercial, federal and municipal fleet operators and the US Military.

Engine treatment for anti-friction engine protection

Best Tech Brands markets Synergyn® Engine Treatment to reduce wear, vehicle maintenance and extend the life of combustion engines.

The firm’s engine lubrication solution contains and advanced nano-carbon lubrication technology that coats metal surfaces with a layer of anti-friction protection. This lowers the operating temperature, reduces wear and delivers substantial fuel economy benefits as well.

In particular, the Synergyn Engine Treatment oil additive has advanced chemical properties, which delivers a protective microscopic layer of nano-carbon particles on moving engine parts when added to the engine oil. These particles reduce friction, improve power & performance, and reduce cold start wear-and-tear to the engine, extending its life.

Combustion-enhancing fuel additives for increased power and performance

Best Tech Brands creates and markets Synergyn XTrA MPG™ gasoline and diesel fuel saver combustion-enhancing additives. These release more heat energy in fuel, which increases power, burns the fuel more completely, reduces emissions, and improves fuel economy.

Synergyn offers specially formulated fuel additives for agriculture, marine, rail, jet fuel, surface mining diesel powered equipment. The firm’s products improve power and performance. As well as, deliver dramatic fuel economy improvement.

Synergyn’s additives also have a carbon clean-up benefit that will prevent future deposit build-up in an engine, making it even more environmentally friendly.

Independent laboratory and on-road testing protocols

Best Tech Brands has conducted a number of tests to validate and support the claims on its products.

The company wants to provide extensive documentation on each product that we brand and market.

The firm’s documentation includes EPA and ASTM protocol test data and information to its clients about the validity of its Synergyn additives performance.

This includes test results from premier Independent laboratory bench test, on-road, and chassis dynamometer test results, as well as Ignition Quality Test and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) protocol testing.

Best Tech Brands ensures its fuel additives and engine treatments reduce petroleum consumption, Greenhouse Gas emissions, are non-toxic, and bio-degradable.

The firm is also working to make sure its future technologies and products are made from bio-based and renewable resource ingredients.

Vehicle maintenance products / treatments for a broad range of industries

Best Tech Brands Engine Treatment can be used by a wide range of industries to lower operational cost and reduce vehicle maintenance.

These markets includes marine, agriculture, rail, and surface mining industries, as well as independent truckers, commercial and government fleets, and stationary power generators.

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Best Tech Brands

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Best Tech Brands

1510 Eldridge Pkwy, SUITE 110-220




United States of America

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