Mackay’s Thermal Spraying, Plasma Transfer Arc and Micro Welding, Plating and Finishing Services

Mackay’s is an established surface engineering company with expertise in providing dynamic and innovative coating solutions for wear, corrosion and erosion problems by increasing service life and improving the performance of vital components.

Mackay’s has a complete in-house coating facility with a large machine shop and extensive grinding and super-finishing capabilities, thereby retaining control of finished items. Our coating and plating equipment is constantly being developed, upgraded and calibrated to ensure conformity to the highest standards. These factors ensure that Mackay’s maintains a leading position in the fields of thermal spraying, plasma transfer arc (PTA) and micro welding, plating and finishing.

Thermal spraying

Founded in 1968, Mackay’s was initially a dedicated thermal spray company, but later diversified into other fields to ensure growth and customer satisfaction and eventually evolved into a complete coating organisation. Our variety of thermal spray systems includes the following:

  • Flame spray (powder and wire)
  • Spray and fuse (hard facing)
  • Electric arc spray (internal and external)
  • High velocity arc spray
  • Plasma spray (internal and external)
  • HP/HVOF spray (high-velocity oxygen fuel)

Some of the materials we use on a regular basis include pure metal powders and wires (e.g. copper and molybdenum), metal alloy powders and wires (nickel and cobalt based), ceramics and cermets, and tungsten and chrome carbides.

Plasma transfer arc (PTA) and micro welding

Mackay’s is able to offer PTA, micro, sub-arc and tig welding. Micro and sub-arc welding is used for the repair and build up of damaged or under-sized components.

PTA welding is a relatively new process that achieves excellent overlay (hard facing) qualities, including a very low dilution of weld overlay, deposits which are tougher and more corrosion resistant (ideal for petro-chemical industries) and the reduced opportunity of cracking or holes. PTA is fully computer controlled to ensure quality and repeatability.

Component manufacture and coating

With exceptional machining and grinding facilities, Mackay’s is in an excellent position to supply complete manufactured parts, machined and coated or plated to specific customer requirements. These parts can be transported at short notice.

Examples of components we manufacture on a regular basis include pump sleeve and wear faces, valve seats and balls, guide rollers, pins and white metal bearings.

High-temperature abrasion, corrosion and erosion protection

Mackay’s serves a wide range of industries, providing coating solutions for the following industries:

  • Petrochemical – high-temperature abrasion and corrosion
  • Pulp and paper – high corrosion
  • Mining – impact and abrasive wear
  • Steel industry – rolls and guides
  • Pump and valve – corrosion and erosion
  • Power generation – high-temperature wear
  • Printing and plastic – ceramic anilox rollers

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