Massenberg Treatment and Repair of Concrete Structures

Since Massenberg was established over a century ago in 1906, it has led the way in rust removal and coating work on public and industrial buildings. Subsequently, in 1970, the company also entered the field of concrete rehabilitation with great success and is now one of the top five specialists in the industry in Germany.

Headquartered in Essen, Germany, Massenberg provides individual services, all technically supervised, and has additional locations in Moritzburg / Boxdorf and Bürstadt. The company specialises in car parks, cooling towers and commercial buildings, working with utmost precision in services such as the impregnation and sealing of surfaces and the plastic coating of engineering structures, ranging from refrigerators and television towers to bridges and smokestacks.

Through internal and external training, Massenberg’s employees are always at the forefront of developments, working to an ethos that unites tradition with innovation. The company also complies with ISO 9001:2008 standards and SCC**, ensuring its customers receive a professional, competent service with a modern management style.

Anti-corrosion coating treatment services

Anti-corrosion coating treatment is a service that Massenberg particularly focuses on. The company has found that to be economically effective, the process must be performed under optimal conditions. These conditions depend on a number of aspects, from accurate planning and a good knowledge of each coatings system to their peculiarities in the processing, experience within the environment and the internal concerns of the builders.

The company’s knowledge and experience continually builds with the extensive variations of corrosion work executed. Areas covered include the chemical and energy industry, bridges, mining, sewage and harbour facilities, and general fabrication plants, such as automobiles.

For the procedure to be effective, Massenberg thoroughly prepares the specially coated surface, which must have the appropriate purity and smoothness to ensure a good adhesion of the coating. All impurities, such as dirt, dust, fats, slag, oils, moisture, loose coatings, cement products and corrosion of metallic coatings are removed.

Through modern machinery and vast experience, any problems encountered are effectively and inexpensively solved. The company has more than 30 compressors of all sizes, mobile halls with automatic abrasive processing, extraction and filtering, devices for flash and steam-rays, and high-pressure spray devices of different dimensions.

Anti-corrosion coating treatment for the hydrocarbons industry

Massenberg treats everything from mobile bridges, stationary scaffolding, chimneys, pipe interior surfaces with special nozzles and the interior and exterior of tanks. Any waste products from the process are disposed of according to the latest rules of environmental protection, which are strictly adhered to.

Concrete repair systems for buildings

Another specialism concentrated on by Massenberg involves the reinforcement of concrete buildings. Such a service may be required when a building undergoes increased stress; factors such as air pollution or road salt expose the technological shortcomings of the buildings, leading to a number of problems. Structures and materials may also require adjustment due to the realities of the economy or the desire to preserve history.

Massenberg significantly contributes to the conservation of monuments and is a member of the Quality for the Preservation of Buildings (GEB) and the Landesgütegemeinschaft.

The company buys its materials as complete systems from several manufacturers, including Sika or MC – Bauchemie. This way, it is free to select the system that is most suitable for each individual job.

Concrete protection system technology

Despite the rapid development and continuous changes of the materials and methods of concrete protection, there are already proven methods in place and Massenberg believes its processing and application requires specialists. A prerequisite for applying this coating is again the surface preparation.

For this, the company has been developing high-pressure water jet technology and a variety of facilities, including a fully automatic, personal independent rotor system. Such technologies make it possible to reinforce concrete chimneys to a height of up to 300m and cooling towers to a height of 200m.

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