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Armstrong Flow Control (AFC) is a privately owned Australian company that has been servicing the valve and steam market since 1972 with solutions that will increase productivity and save energy, while ensuring safety as the highest priority.

Broad range of safety training seminars

Armstrong Flow Control runs a comprehensive range of training seminars covering everything from basic steam / hot water system layout to the responsibilities under the latest Workplace Health and Safety Standards.

These seminars can be conducted in-house or off-site, and range from 1.5 hours to a full day course.

All seminars are conducted by professional trainers and all participants receive a certificate on completion.

Fully-equipped training centres

Steam Energy Seminars are held at Armstrong’s manufacturing headquarters in Three Rivers, Michigan. The firm also operates seminar facilities in Liege, Belgium, and Beijing, China.

All three facilities are fully-equipped training centres. With the help of sophisticated sound and projection equipment and an elaborate working model of a steam system with live steam and glass piping, attendees can see how different types of steam traps perform under various conditions.

Liquid drainers to remove water / condensate accumulation

Armstrong International offers a large range of liquid drainers which are suitable for automatically draining water or consensate from air of gas systems.

These are needed due to the fact that if water or condensate builds up in these systems, it can cause severe damage to them and to the valves due to water hammer or corrosion. This is because warer / condensate acts as an insulator to heat.

The firm’s liquid trainer can be used on drainers from any industry, however they are particularly used in the oil and gas sectors.

Typical applications include draining gas condensate from filters / separators and water from compressed air receivers.

Air vents to remove air / gas build-up

An extensive range of air vents are offered by Armstrong International. These are suitable for for automatically venting air / gas from steam, water or liquid applications in all industries.

Air or gas build-up needs to be removed, due to the fact it can hinder heat transfer in the system, which can dramatically reduce process production times.

Heating coils prevent corrosion

An assortment of heating coils, unit heaters and tank heating coil arrangements that can be used for numerous applications are provided by Armstrong International.

These coils can be supplied in standard materials or special alloys to prevent internal and external corrosion.

A range of valves and strainers available

Numerous valves, strainers and associated products to suit most applications are provided by Armstrong, no matter the size, material, or pressure rating.

These include ball, bellow sealed, butterfly, check, and gate valves.

Steam traps for retention

Steam traps remove condensate and non-condensables within a system, as well as ensuring steam retention.

The products cut down the amount of energy wasted, as they ensure less fuel is used. This reduces emissions and results in a cleaner environment.

A comprehensive range of steam traps for every application is offered by Armstrong.

In-house manufacturing testing and design of valves

Armstrong Flow Control custom manufactures specialised valves in its own in-house design, fabrication and testing facilities, which are based in Brisbane. The firm can also assembly products to specific customer requirements.

General machinery used for milling, turning, and drlling are are basesd at the firm’s workshop, and are operated by fully experienced tradespeople and engineers. Vessels that weigh up to 2t are also manufactured in-house and Armstrong make sure that they meet rigorous standards of ASME VII.

Another dedicated facility at Armstrong’s Brisbane head office is used to set and repair / calibrate safety relief valves and control valves.

Steam surveys and audits

Armstrong aims to improve customer’s steam system efficiency by ensuring productivity, with safety also in mind.

Its staff are trained to conduct detailed audits of steam systems and make recommendations to how improvements can be made with cost saving justification.

These audits can be as simple as checking steam traps to make sure that they are working efficiently or a simple walk through a plant making recommendations based on the firm’s experience.

They can also be more detailed however, with a full audit taking in to account the efficiency of the system right from the boiler to point of use.

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Until now measuring steam quality has largely been a manual process, which is time consuming and presents inherent safety and accuracy risks.

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