Sysadvance Nitrogen Generators and Oxygen Generators

Incorporated in 2002, Sysadvance is a company specialised in gas separation technologies, producing state-of-the-art nitrogen and oxygen generators, as well as custom engineering products and turnkey solutions for clients worldwide.

The quality of our engineering group, specialised in gas separation technologies such as PSA and membrane, are paramount to the success of the projects we are involved in, in particular the custom engineered solutions designed for large customers and on-demand R&D.

Sysadvance generators produce high-purity nitrogen and oxygen from compressed air, allowing continuous availability at a very competitive cost, compared to alternative supply with cylinders or cryogenic tanks. The generators are designed to be easily installed in any indoor facility, requiring only a compressed air line and a power connection.

Nitrogen generators

With purities up to 99.999% of nitrogen, the generator can be connected to an external buffer allowing a backup or a delay of production / consumption according to the needs of each application. The modular philosophy of Sysadvance nitrogen generators allows the installation of multiple parallel units.

Sysadvance nitrogen generators have the following advantages:

  • Return on investment in less than two years
  • Independence from external gas suppliers and from fluctuation of the nitrogen market price
  • Suppression of logistic operations like handling of cylinders or liquid nitrogen supplier management
  • Modular, flexible and low-maintenance units
  • High-quality CMS, 10+ years lifetime
  • Special CMS packing system – prevents CMS destruction in the columns

Nitrogen generators for offshore and shipping applications

Sysadvance offers a wide range of nitrogen generators especially designed for the marine and offshore industry with DNV, LN or BV marine certification. The generators allow users to produce their own supply of on-board nitrogen gas, without the need for traditional high-pressure cylinders or liquefied gas supply. Nitrogen generator packages can be also produced with ATEX compliance, on request.

Sysadvance produces and delivers complete and fully tested container-mounted or squid-mounted solutions designed under a client’s specifications. Packages can include:

  • Compressors (piston, screw or centrifugal)
  • Air treatment systems (refrigeration or adsorption dryer, special carbon filters)
  • PSA nitrogen generator system
  • Buffer tanks
  • Medium or high-pressure boosters with storage tanks
  • Controlsys premium monitoring, control and data communication system for integrated management of all packaged components
  • Worldwide commissioning, start-up and maintenance

Due to the inert property of nitrogen it is highly suitable for creating inert atmosphere on ships, tankers and vessels carrying crude oil, oil products, chemicals, LNG and LPG as well as oil extraction platforms and onshore oil refining facilities. Nitrogen is also widely used for preservation and transportation of food and beverages, ensuring perfect preservation conditions of the cargo.

Custom engineering services

Constant contact with several industrial processes, in combination with a wide range of knowledge, qualifies our engineering team to provide consulting services in any kind of industry. Contact us and we promise you great improvements in your processes. Collaboration with universities and continuous formation of our engineers guarantees our clients’ full satisfaction.

Aware of the importance and impact of the application of nitrogen in the industry, Sysadvance offers an economic and reliable a line of nitrogen generators, allowing for cost-effective on-site nitrogen production.

Contact us or send us your request. We will be pleased to advise you with the most suitable strategy for your product or process.

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