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Williams Fire & Hazard Control

Williams Fire & Hazard Control offers a full line of specialized fire response equipment for oil and gas platforms.

The company’s products include high-performance nozzles, high-flow transportable firewater pumps and monitors, foam concentrates, mobile response trailers, foam proportioning systems for field use and fire trucks, dry chemical extinguishing packages and advanced storage tank protection.

From storage tanks and pipeline emergencies to offshore platforms and vessels at sea, Williams’ response personnel and specialized equipment quickly address adverse fire emergencies.

Industrial fire protection within the oil and gas sector

Williams offers high-volume hydro-foam and hydro-chem delivery equipment for rapid fire response.

The company’s range includes Ambassador 2×6 and 2×10 rapid response packages, 4,000gpm and 6,000gpm fire pumps, ThunderStorm foam, hoses and ancillary products.

The company’s CompliancePLUS equipment has been selected to protect the passage of the Panama Canal, as well as military installations and chemical facilities throughout the global oil and gas chain.

The combination of Williams’ first-hand experience, its advanced equipment applications, and situation-specific training programs create a reliable and comprehensive set-up of pre-emptive planning and response capabilities to enhance response success, while minimizing risks to client property, the community and the environment.

Life and asset safety solutions

Williams Fire & Hazard Control aims to offer knowledgeable proactive fire response support services, along with advanced portable and systems-based fire suppression solutions. These collectively deliver effective life safety and response so that employees and assets are protected against fire loss and/or damage.

The active response practise quickly discovers and resolves industry fire related risks and implements an innovative approach to product development and their practical applications.

As an industry leader, Williams Fire & Hazard Protection, know that by offering the very best equipment, foams, tactics and support, clients would expect the same performance from life safety and emergency response solutions, including:

  • Preparing for weather-related cycles such as hurricane season
  • Evaluating localized exposures and risk-based operations
  • Developing portable response options
  • Engineering suppression solutions for defending daily operations
  • Protecting life and lifecycle throughout your facility
  • Threatened by a fire-related event
  • Assuring business continuity

About Williams Fire & Hazard Control

A unit of Tyco, Williams Fire & Hazard Control incorporates its industry-related experience when choosing the right solution for their clients’ needs.

The company’s knowledge is integral to a wide range of services, including:

  • Equipment manufacturing
  • Response support services
  • Site assessments program
  • Corporate trainings
  • Xtreme fire school

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Williams Fire & Hazard Control

9605 Richard Wycoff Drive

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