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Transhield is the leading provider of protective cover solutions to commercial, industrial and military markets. Proven and effective on a wide variety of industrial and military equipment, Transhield provides a cost-effective protective solution to protect valuable equipment and components while in transit and storage.

Our solutions span the complete continuum of desired protection, from day-to-day use to long-term storage. Using patented technologies that are continuously improving, we provide users with effective and affordable solutions for equipment protection.

Transhield is a 20-year-old company that has focused on high technology fabrics to protect high-value equipment in transit or storage. Transhield has developed the strongest, most reliable protective fabrics with options based on needs and environmental demands.

All Transhield covers are durable, waterproof, breathable, lightweight, easy to install and, most importantly, affordable. Our unique technologies protect items from the ravages of environmental factors such as UV rays, sand, dust, rain, snow, humidity and condensation, and result in corrosion reductions of 85% – 95%.

Anti-corrosion and environmental degradation protective covers

Vinyl, canvas tarps and conventional shrink films used to be the standard when attempting to protect industrial equipment. Though they were lightweight and may have kept some rain or snow away from the equipment, overall they proved to not be very durable and trapped moisture underneath them. This caused a ‘green house effect’ and exacerbated the corrosion and degradation problem.

Transhield covers are more effective than conventional shipping and storage covers. The designed fit allows for quick application and provides aerodynamic shipping protection. If reusability is a desired characteristic our design team will ensure the cover and the right technology match the customer need.

Long-term storage of equipment in harsh environments

Transhield provides three patented technologies that span the continuum of desired protection, from extremely long-term storage in harsh environments to equipment storage and domestic and international shipping requirements.

  • Transhield XT: this is a custom fit, reusable cover that is the preferred product of the operating ground forces. It can be easily stored away for times when access to the equipment is needed on a periodic basis. The cover is breathable, durable, waterproof, affordable and has VCI for corrosion reduction
  • Armordillo: the Armordillo is our most recently developed reusable product, which is more durable, breathable and provides even better VCI penetration
  • Transhield VCI shrinkable fabric: a low-cost, durable, breathable and shrinkable fabric; perfect for shipping or long-term storage situations where access to equipment is not required during the storage or shipping period

Protective covers for the oil and gas industry

Transhield provides protection for expensive equipment for the oil and gas industry that will be stored for a period of time at various locations and shipped to the far corners of the world. These highly valuable components and pieces of equipment are normally shipped and stored in highly corrosive environments but must be available at a moment’s notice in perfect condition. The three levels of Transhield products provide the perfect solution for all levels of needs.

OEM covers for the marine industry

Transhield provides over two-thirds of all OEM covers for fibreglass boats and pontoons. The covers provide the best protection for shipping and storage that is easily installed and very cost-effective. The covers can be designed with windows, zippers and other features providing access and limited reusability. The non-woven interior provides a soft liner that protects all surfaces from scratches and damage.

Automobile covers

Transhield auto covers protect some of the most expensive OEM automobiles manufactured. The covers protect incredibly valuable automobiles from all environmental damage during domestic and international shipments. Each cover is uniquely and specifically created for the different models.

Wind industry component protective covers

Transhield provides protection for all components in the wind industry, including blades, hubs, root ends, nacelles, gear boxes and other critical components. Though the components spend a lifetime outside, they are all so large that they must be shipped in parts, and otherwise protected components are exposed to the degradation of the environment.

Industrial applications

Transhield has become the preferred solution for a large variety of industrial equipment for protection in transit and inventory storage. Current customers range from multi-million industrial equipment to parts and components from some of the largest industrial companies in the world. Transhield fabric covers are relied upon to provide protection for all environments and conditions.

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AmorDillo Waterproof Covers for Oil and Gas Industry Applications

Transhield offers ArmorDillo covers to protect products in oil and gas applications.

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The Shrinkable Fabric with VCI

Transhield is a unique solution for transportation and road damage before delivery to the final destination.


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Press Release

15 October 2014

Transhield offers ArmorDillo covers to protect products in oil and gas applications.

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