Angara Industries Ltd Data-Powered Chemistry to Boost Efficiency & Reduce Carbon Footprint

Angara is an environmental high-tech company that helps its clients to increase their processing margins while reducing CO2 and other GHG emissions and facilitating their transition towards net zero emissions target.

By combining digital, chemistry and thermodynamics, Angara found the key to ‘the major unresolved problem in heat transfer’ – scale and fouling deposits. It brings sizable potential benefits, both financial and environmental (20%-40% of Scope 1 CO2 emissions abatement from refining activity with no or minimal CAPEX).

Our proprietary solutions help clients to run their important heat exchanging equipment always at its maximum efficiency.

Group of fouling-tailored cleaning recipes

AlfaPEROX is a smart chemical recipes system that removes chemically inert fouling from heat exchanging equipment. The fouling-tailored recipes enable removal of fouling of any type and complexity. It does not require dismantling or disassembly and can be completed in situ during or between shutdowns. Equipment safety and noncorrosiveness are ensured.

Seamlessly integrated digital & chemical solutions for cleanliness management

Cognitive Cleaning is ANGARA’s unique solution for ultimate cleanliness management. It reduces downtime and boosts heat exchanger’s efficiency.

Cognitive cleaning consists of three stages:

Smart Recipe – Tailored chemical mix penetrates deep into the hard fouling structure and releases gas bubbles which mechanically crack it.

Smart Schedule – Dynamically adjusted cleaning schedule based on analysis of economical, operational and maintenance data.

Smart Cleaning – Digitally augmented physical cleaning. It is accompanied by collection of new fouling samples – closing the loop of cognitive solution: used tailoring and improvement of cleaning recipes and scheduling at the next cleaning cycle.

Performance-based business model for optimal cleanliness

Cleanliness-As-A-Service – is a performance-based business model links compensation of cleaning technology provider to the achieved economic benefits (i.e. reduced fossil fuel use). Not only it reduces downstream carbon emissions, but also provides refining margin uplift potential.

Under Cleaning-as-a-Service model Angara becomes a partner which provides cleanliness according to Service Level Agreement (SLA). Costs of cleaning are covered by us. Angara and the customer share economic and environmental gains from the equipment cleanliness. Clients pay for the proven results only.

Upgrade to the most efficient equipment to maximise benefits

Hardware Upgrade. Maximise benefits with extended-surface heat exchangers

Maximise benefits of Cleanliness-as-a-Service with the help of the most efficient equipment – extended surface heat exchangers (spiral, plates etc).

Cleanliness-as-a-Service maintenance paradigm enables servicing of more advanced heat exchangers when required to benefit from the ultimate energy savings.

Reduce CO2 emissions with cognitive cleaning technology

With Cognitive Cleaning technology, you can reduce CO2 emissions. The reductions effects can be quantified, certified and monetised.

CO2 monetisation comes through 3 main channels:

  • Direct reduction of carbon emission and consequent saving on carbon allowance purchase.
  • EU Innovation Fund programs.
  • Domestic initiatives to support energy efficiency.

Carbon reduction potential of the Cognitive Cleaning technology is comparable in size to the potential of existing installed base of solar or wind energy sources.

Sustainable technology for a resilient future

Angara recognises the importance of making resilient future and aims to make an impact at environmental, social and corporate governance levels areas (ESG).

Our environment transformational technology delivers maximum benefits in collaboration with local communities. We cooperate with local service providers by growing their revenue stream and creating high-skilled jobs.

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Press Release

Angara Industries Announces Appointment of Senior Petrochemical executive Petra Koselka as Global COO

Angara Industries announces it has established a new position of Global Chief Operating Officer and appointed Petra Koselka to take this role.

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Press Release

22 September 2021

Angara Industries announces it has established a new position of Global Chief Operating Officer and appointed Petra Koselka to take this role.

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