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FORCE Technology is one of Europe’s leading research and technology hubs, with competencies in materials science, structural integrity and inspection and monitoring. Our mission is to safeguard lives and assets in a sustainable manner through providing integrity management for offshore structures and pipelines.

FORCE Technology is certified in accordance to ISO-9001, and has a fully developed HSE policy covered in its corporate standard FCS 194. FORCE Technology is also accredited for certification of personnel (ISO 17024), as a testing laboratory (ISO 17025) and as an independent inspection organization (ISO 17020).

Maintenance and inspection optimization

By creating advanced computer models of a structure it is possible for us to look at the total safety of the entire construction, not just that of each constituent part. This model can then form the foundation for risk based inspection (RBI) and maintenance or a decision to extend the structure’s lifespan.

RBI and reliability centered maintenance (RCM) are methodologies for systematically identifying those components that are most likely to fail, causing damage to personnel and environment or creating expensive production shutdowns. It uses risk as a basis for a cost effective inspection or maintenance program that targets the inspection efforts where and when they are needed. Generally, RBI is used for static installations such as pipelines while RCM is used on machinery.

FORCE Technology has 15-20 years’ experience in this field and is currently responsible for RBI/RCM planning at a number of offshore and onshore installations worldwide.

Non-destructive testing

A high pressure pipe that has corroded and failed can cause a massive loss of time and expense. Non-destructive testing (NDT) has been developed to ensure these problems are avoided.

Today, FORCE Technology is a leader within NDT, being both a certification body and a driving force behind increased adaptation of NDT. Particularly, we have pushed the frontiers on the application of NDT in hard to reach places, be it in nuclear power plants or on subsea structures.

NDT is comprised of the following testing methods: ultrasound, eddy current, visual, radiation, and penetrant. FORCE Technology takes pride in employing some of the industry’s most skilled NDT engineers, using state-of-the-art methodologies and equipment to provide accurate and reliable data on your equipment’s state.

Materials engineering and materials selection

FORCE Technology has approximately 150 people working within the fields of constructional materials science as well as the necessary lab facilities should tests be required. Due to our deep technology base and excellent laboratories FORCE Technology is well positioned to help clients solve upcoming problems or analyze failures. Often, we will function as our client’s extended engineering arm on long contracts.

Materials science poses significant challenges, with incorrect materials selection often leading to unexpected corrosion or inconvenient crack growth that can turn a successful project into a nightmare. Here at FORCE Technology we have the expertise to go over your design and verify that your materials are fit for purpose with regards to strength, fatigue, corrosion and coating.

Composite materials testing and production

With over 40 people working full time on composite constructions we can offer extensive help with design, production processes and testing of composite materials.

Welding and weld inspection

We are proud to have one of Europe’s leading welding laboratories. We have extensive knowledge about a wide variety of welding methods, from laser to friction or MIG, and are at the cutting edge in weld inspection or monitoring methods.

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