SO.CA.P. Pneumatic Pipe Stoppers and Foldable and Collapsible Tanks

SO.CA.P. was founded in 1956 with the aim of manufacturing and selling pneumatic tubular forms both on the Italian and on the foreign markets. The know-how gained in the first years during which a reliable and practical product has been developed thanks to the most advanced materials and technologies, has led to the creation of a wide range of pneumatic pipe stoppers and foldable and collapsible tanks.

Thanks to the favourable quality / price balance of its products, SO.CA.P. was able to increase constantly its presence both on domestic and foreign markets. With a workforce of 15 people, its export volume is of about 70% on the total turnover.


The pneumatic stopper type H is suitable to plug temporarily circular section pipes, like oil and gas lines, at relatively high pressures. This pneumatic stopper is made from synthetic fabric and is coated on both faces with oil resistant plastomers, and is fitted with four sealing rings to enhance its resistance to the residual pressure present in the pipe.

It can be inflated with air or nitrogen through a flexible hose with a valve and a vent safety valve. The elasticity of its diameter is such to allow a perfect sealing in the pipe. This stopper is fitted with handles for its correct positioning into the pipe.


The flexible tanks type R and R2, with a pillow like shape, are made with polyesther fabric, coated on both faces, with plastomers suitable for the required usage. Their use is particularly indicated when the installation of rigid tanks is not convenient.

These tanks are suitable to contain various liquids like:

  • Type R – drinking water, industrial water and slightly acid alkaline solutions
  • Type R2 – fuels

The tanks are fitted with filling/emptying gate valve and air vent valves.

SO.CA.P. can meet supply orders within a short time thanks to its flexible organisation also in case of non-standard client specifications in terms of sizes. SO.CA.P. deals either directly with clients or through its sale network.


SO.CA.P. products are made only with materials supplied by qualified and certified producers. Raw material and components are systematically tested to guarantee their constant characteristics. This is made possible by suitable test methods, which allow a continuous and up-dated manufacturing process. The products are released with a certification of conformity and, if required, are tested before shipment by client nominated inspectors.


The testing equipment is periodically verified to guarantee the reliability of the checks on the final product parameters. Laboratories authorized by the SIT check the primary instruments for test and measurements.

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The typical use for Type F pneumatuc stoppers is they temporarily plug low pressure gas lines.


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Via Damiano CHIESA, 52

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