Process Automation and Controls (PAC) Instrumentation, Control and Automation Solutions for Processing Plants

Process Automation & Controls (PAC) provides electrical, instrumentation, control and automation solutions to the hydrocarbon industry. The company delivers services from design to installation and commissioning.

PLC programming and SCADA/HMI systems for hydrocarbon plant controls

PAC offers reliable, efficient and cost-effective programming logic controller (PLC) integration, fault finding and rectification systems. We have experience with the majority of major PLC manufacturers and have configured numerous communication protocols such as Ethernet, Devicenet, Controlnet, Modbus, Asi Bus, DH+ and DH485.

Production-based projects can also benefit from supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) and human machine interface (HMI) provided by PAC.

SCADA/HMI systems such as Wonderware and Citect deliver easy integration with existing systems to boost production and efficiency.

Safety and Telemetry Systems for hydrocarbon operations

PAC provides safety systems that ensure compliance with industry standards and is an authorised safety systems integrator, having been recognised by Pilz Safe Automation.

Telemetry Systems can also be integrated with plant PLC and SCADA systems, providing both analogue and digital data. As a more cost-effective method of communication than data transition via fixed cabling, telemetry systems can be installed to enable communications at hydrocarbon plants via radio signals using standalone or multi-node systems.

PAC has programmed and installed telemetry systems for applications such as environmental monitoring stations, flumes, water and wastewater pumping stations, weirs and dams.

Instrumentation, robotic solutions and breakdown services for hydrocarbon plants

PAC technicians deliver design, installation and calibration services for instrumentation at petrochemical plants.  Existing clients include Transpacific Refiners, Orica Explosives and the CSIRO.

The company supplies instrumentation calibration services for temperature, pressure, flow, level, weight and density instruments. PAC calibration equipment includes Yokogawa CA70 Multifunction Calibrators, Ametek Pressure Calibrator and Fluke Hot Boxes, which are all annually certified by NATA.

PAC provides robotic solutions for production-based industries that face increasing quota demands. Robotic solutions can reduce product damage, increase system output reliability, preserve hydrocarbon plant uptime and ensure the compliance of health and safety standards for applications such as welding or material handling. The company is an authorised sales and service agents for Fuji-Ace robots in Australia.

Same day break services are provided in the event of plant machine failure. PAC recognises that such machine breakdown can be time-consuming and expensive, so it ensures its clients that any machine or factory fault can be rectified, depending on spare part availability.

Hydrocarbon and oil and gas support services

Orica contracted PAC for the construction of the #3 Nitric Acid Plant, which included the provision of more than 300 instruments and control valves, MCC, Toshiba PLC, Citect System and Triconex Trip System. PAC provided its services in three stages. Firstly, to ensure that all instrument systems met Orica’s specifications. The second stage was to supervise the construction and commissioning of each system, while the third phase was to carry out schematics and instrument datasheet checks.

PAC has also designed and installed numerous Ammonia detection and shunt trip systems for refrigeration plant rooms. The work involved system design, MCC design, instrumentation works, electrical installation and commissioning.

PAC also has experience in the design and installation of Cogeneration plants for Steggles foods and the CSIRO.

About Process Automation & Controls

Since its establishment in 1998, PAC has been supplying PLC integration and turnkey systems with a team of degree and diploma-qualified electrical engineers, instrument technicians, CAD drafters, industrial electricians, apprentices and office support staff. Several of the staff members have completed their Certificate IV in Hazardous Areas – Electrical.

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Process Automation and Controls (PAC)

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