Checkers Safety Group Innovative Safety Solutions for Hydrocarbons Operations

Checkers Safety Group specialises in the design, manufacture and supply of high-quality safety equipment for use in the global hydrocarbons industry.

Our extensive product range includes a variety of industrial cable management solutions, vehicle safety devices and lighting systems that have been extensively field tested to confirm compliance with the latest quality and safety standards.

Robust personnel safety products for the hydrocarbons sector

Checkers works in close collaboration with industry experts and safety managers during the design of its cutting-edge products to ensure they deliver safe and reliable protection for oil and gas workers.

Our engineers regularly visit petrochemical worksites during the development of our solutions in order to experience the relevant safety challenges firsthand, allowing them to address customers’ specific operational needs and understand the exact circumstances where our high-performance products are relied upon.

We use the latest fabrication technology and techniques to produce our line of hard-wearing products, enabling them to withstand the most extreme working environments and ensures customers’ locations are equipped with dependable, long-lasting safety solutions.

Cable management solutions for oil and gas sites

Checkers offers one of the world’s most trusted ranges of cable protectors under its innovative Linebacker® Cable Management Systems brand.

Our high-performance cable care solutions are designed to safeguard on-site electrical cables, hose lines and cords from wear and tear, while allowing industrial vehicles, heavy-duty equipment and pedestrian traffic to move through busy worksites safely and efficiently by mitigating tripping hazards.

We are able to provide a variety of systems to suit an array of operational needs and specifications, including lidded, drop-over, open-top and low-profile models.

Our hard-wearing cable protection products are fabricated using robust all-weather polyurethane to ensure long service-life. We also offer rubber duct models in various sizes for lighter applications such as public and commercial spaces.

Vehicle safety systems for petrochemical environments

Checkers’ Monster™ Motion Safety brand includes an extensive line of high-visibility vehicle warning whips, which are used to warn nearby personnel of a vehicle’s presence in critical industrial environments. They can also be fitted to provide simple and effective identification of on-site vehicles or equipment.

Each of our warning whip solutions comprises a flexible whip fitted with a warning flag and mounting base to facilitate easy attachment. A variety of optional lighting configurations and mounting options are also available for a number of models depending on clients’ needs, and waterproof variants can be supplied for deployment in harsh weather conditions.

In addition, Checkers stocks a comprehensive portfolio of wheel chocks that have been carefully optimised for use in power generation and heavy industry environments.

 Our Monster Motion Safety wheel chock systems provide effective security for vehicles, vans and trailers, ranging from small pickup units to large 400t haulage trucks. Our products are designed to offer vital extra stability and protect against accidental wheel movement when parked on-site.

Checkers’ wheel chocks are manufactured from highly resilient urethane polymers and can be supplied in reinforced heavy-duty or general purposes variants depending on the customer’s intended application.

High-performance lighting units for industrial locations

Checkers manufactures a wide selection of durable LED module, barricade, solar barricade and strobe lighting solutions under its Monster™ Motion Safety brand.

Our patented lighting products have been specifically developed to withstand the harshest industrial conditions and are capable of delivering some of the brightest lighting currently available on the market.

All our Monster Motion Safety lights are independently lab-certified to ensure compliance with the strictest regulatory standards, including ITE, NCHRP-350, and SAE J845 classes, I, II, and III.

About Checkers Industrial Safety Products Inc

Checkers Safety Group was originally established in 1987 and remains committed to saving lives and protecting clients’ assets by delivering innovative and highly effective safety products for the global industrial sector.

We endeavor to provide our clients with the highest-quality, cost-effective products and maintain a competitive 31-year track record of operational excellence, while serving a diverse range of customers and markets worldwide.

Checkers submits all its products to independent third-party contractors for rigorous testing and compliance evaluations in order to confirm they meet or exceed all the required industrial standards and compliance regulations.

Furthermore, our expert service professionals possess vital knowledge regarding key safety issues across a range of industries and are able to provide valuable assistance to ensure clients receive the optimum solution for their individual applications.

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Press Release

Checkers Safety Group Visiting NSC

This month, Checkers Safety Group is exhibiting at NSC in Houston, Texas, US.

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Checkers Industrial Safety Products Inc

620 Compton Street




United States of America

+1 800 438 9336

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