CJ van Waas Insulation Jackets for Petrochemical, Offshore and Power Industries

CJ van Waas is a modern and flexible VCA* certified company with close to 60 years of experience in the offshore industry.

We offer removable insulation jackets (also known as pillows, blankets, covers, and mats) in the marine, utility, petrochemical, power and offshore industries. We provide our customers with tailor-made solutions for their insulation challenges.

Removable insulation jackets

econtras® is the brand name under which we deliver a self-developed assortment of removable insulation jackets, flexible connections, flange protectors and soundproof boxes.

Usually made with a water-resistant silicone cover filled with certified insulating material, the offshore insulation jackets come as standard with velcro flaps instead of normal rvs-hooks and wire to maximise ease of use. Variations can always be made to meet customer-specific needs and demands.

Transparent covers that offer easy visual access and drainage plugs for fluids and gas can be built into the insulation jackets where needed.

Due to the often remote locations of our customers’ offshore activities, it is of vital importance that the insulation jackets applied are high-quality, long-lasting and easy to work with. The removable econtras insulation jackets from Van Waas meet these demands perfectly.

Removable and reusable insulation jackets

econtras removable and reusable insulation jackets are easy to install, remove and reinstall for maintenance and inspections. Specialists and/or specialist tools are not necessary, saving our customers time and money. We offer a choice of the following fastening systems:

  • Velcro flaps
  • Hooks and RVS-wire
  • Clasp and belt
  • D-ring straps
  • Snap fasteners
  • Ski-fastening
  • Other fastenings possible

Our flexible insulation jackets are custom-made out of high-quality certified materials to perfectly meet our customers’ needs. We can provide on-site measuring, repair work, maintenance, and (re)installment of the insulation jackets by our certified personnel.

Thermal insulation jackets

Our econtras thermal insulation jackets are tailor-made from data collected on-site by our experts, and are electronically designed (CAD) and cut out for a perfect fit. Data is electronically stored for fast future reference.

Effective both in and outdoors, the jackets provide personal protection, reduce energy loss, and are fast and easy to install and remove. They are also provided with identification tags for easy (re)installation.

Acoustic insulation enclosures

Our flexible econtras acoustic insulation enclosures are fast and simple to assemble and disassemble. The enclosures are lightweight, low cost and a great solution for those acoustic problems where these qualities take precendence over the robustness of a metal enclosure.

They consist of a frame covered with sound-reducing panels, which are attached to each other with a special velcro fastening.

We also successfully solve our customers’ acoustic problems by directly fitting our acoustic econtras insulation on the body of the object needing insulation.

Removable insulation for valves, flanges and fittings

Uninsulated valves, flanges and fittings lose a lot of heat. A valve without insulation easily loses as much heat as 4m – 7m of uninsulated pipe (ISO 12241:2008).

Removable econtras insulation for valves, flanges and fittings reduces our customers’ heat loss by an average of 85%. This results in lower energy costs and a reduction in their CO2 emissions.

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