Gardex Installation Manual

This manual covers installation and termination recommendations for Rockbestos-Surprenant Cable Corporation (RSCC) Gardex® cable with aluminium armor. The focus is on installation in trays, since this is the predominant use for this construction. It is ssumed that the cable has been properly sized and the installation properly designed. The RSCC catalogue of products contains additional information on cable weights, diameters, constructions and applications that are intended to supplement this document. Since this manual is only a guide and all situations cannot be covered, please call the RSCC Engineering Department for more specific information.

There are nine sections to this manual, starting with this introduction and a brief overview of Gardex® products. The second section provides material recommendations, with detailed information in Appendix 1. Handling and storage information is presented in section three. An overview of calculations that should be performed prior to installation, including pulling tension, bend radius and cable fill are then presented. Pre-installation information, including minimum installation temperature, precautions, installation equipment, setup, pull tension monitoring, and cable attachment methods are next. Installation recommendations for tray, in earth and in free air, as well as general recommendations follow. Post-installation activities are then discussed. The last two sections contain a glossary of terms and references.

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