CCS Implementation of Surge Prevention Control System on Yokogawa Stardom PLC

Due to the increasing demand for compressor and turbine control systems to be implemented in a common hardware with plant DCS, CCS has partnered with Yokogawa to offer advanced, proven and tested turbo machinery controls solutions on the Yokogawa Stardom PLC.

Yokogawa's development of its high-speed protection and servo I/O modules has indicated the company's strategic initiative to offer DCS customers the ability to achieve market-leading turbo machinery control in their Yokogawa hardware rather than settling for a third-party, "black-box" solution. In 2011, Yokogawa and CCS started collaboration on an R&D project to develop CCS's world-proven turbo machinery control applications for the Stardom PLC. In the summer of 2012, CCS completed the development of Yokogawa-approved library elements for compressor and turbine control within Stardom's LogicDesigner.

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