Making Wet Waste Destruction a Sustainable Reality

Irish environmental company SCFI was supported by the European Union’s Eco-Innovation initiative in a project to build a portable unit to demonstrate its innovative AquaCritox® wet waste treatment technology. This white paper describes the science behind hydrothermal oxidation (HTO) as a waste treatment methodology and its potential across a range of industrial applications, which is now, thanks to this project, a demonstrable reality. AquaCritox and hydrothermal oxidation AquaCritox® is a hydrothermal oxidation process that involves the use of pressure, temperature and oxygen to effect partial or complete oxidation of the oxidisable components present in a sludge or contaminated water-based waste stream. AquaCritox provides a single-step solution to the treatment of wet wastes such as sewage, drinking water, spent caustic and industrial organic aqueous waste streams. The technology delivers over 99.99% destruction of sludge, a far greater rate than other competing technologies, is also safe and odourless, and does not generate any hazardous emissions or by-products. Download to find out more.

Download to find out more.