Pumps for Environmental Protection – Energy from Refinery Waste

URACA has delivered two pump units to Japan for the conveyance of oil deposits.

Both units are meant for the Japanese state-owned energy group in Negishi and have been ordered by the engineering company UBE also located in Japan. Especially impressive is the data of the unit: A pump type KD 827 is mounted on a base frame (approx. 9m x 4m). The pump alone weighs approx. 18t, with each of the three stuffing boxes, which can be cooled or pre-heated, weighing 1,000kg. The supply of pump cooling is taking on an extra plunger pump type KD716 which is mounted on the unit. The whole unit weighs approx. 45t and has an installed power of about 350kW. For an optimal adaptation of the capacity to the respective process parameters, the pump units are equipped with the most up-to-date control engineering. Advantageous in particular have been the experiences of the past 30 years, which were taken into consideration and had been converted in this project.

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