How To Choose The Best Pump for My Application

This presentation will help you to learn more about slurry pump types, what materials suit each pump best and how to find the right type. Choosing the right pumps for specific slurries can help pump owners avoid unnecessary maintenance, repairs and related downtime. In addition, proper pump applications make for safer work environments, offering those working on or around pumps peace of mind. Purpose-chosen slurry pumps also have longer wear lives, boosting owners’ bottom lines. Based on data from over 3,000 centrifugal slurry pumps, GIW’s proprietary pump selection program called SLYSEL can help prospective pump owners get what they need down to their exact specifications. Plus, SLYSEL can help pump operators ensure they’re operating pumps correctly, from properly calculating performance curves and pipe friction loss to evaluating other operational factors and pumps themselves, reducing room for error and maintaining pump longevity.  

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