Ceramic Membrane Technology for Pervaporation, Vapour Permeation and Gas Separation

Pervatech BV produces cutting-edge membranes, membrane modules and separation systems for pervaporation and vapour permeation applications.

The company uses its know-how to design membrane-based solutions for the separation of organic substances. The products and services Pervatech offers enable its customers to innovate their production processes, leading to lower energy consumption, higher efficiency, recycling of valuable resources, lower waste streams and higher product quality.

Compared with more traditional separation methodologies such as distillation and molsieves, substantial energy savings of 25% to 75% can be realised.

Permatech advises customers in the optimisation of their processes by combining knowledge of membrane processes with other existing industrial technologies.

Tubular ceramic pervaporation membranes, modules and industrial systems

The company's core activities are the production, marketing and sales of tubular ceramic pervaporation membranes, modules and industrial systems. Pervatech has a large production capacity.

The product offering includes:

  • Tubular ceramic pervaporation membranes
  • Hybrid pervaporation membrane up to 150°C
  • PDMS-based organophilic pervaporation membranes; spiral wound elements
  • Test modules for lab scale and pilot scale
  • Larger membrane modules for industrial plants
  • Equipment for lab scale and pilot scale testing
  • Industrial plants in co-makership with OEMs

Pervaporation technology for dehydration processes

In addition to ceramic pervaporation membranes, Pervatech serves the organophilic pervaporation market with special polymeric membranes. This is mainly focused on selective recovery of aromas and fragrances.

These are also very useful for recovery of aggressive solvents at point of release in the plant, such as lower alcohols, ethyl acetate, isoamyl alcohol, isoamyl acetate, hexanol, 2-hexenal, benzine, xylene, chlorinated hydrocarbons.

Special polymeric membranes

Pervaporation is increasingly used in the chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and food industries.

Pervatech pervaporation technology is particularly useful in dehydration processes such as solvent drying, breaking of azeotropic mixtures, and enhancing chemical condensation reactions in aggressive environments.

It can be a useful add-on process for situations where other separation methods reach the end of their operational limits, for example, lack of chemical-resistance, swelling of the polymeric membrane, or temperature.

Ceramic membrane technology R&D

Pervatech's scientific co-operation with leading universities and institutions, both nationally and abroad, secures today's and tomorrow's ceramic membranes with superior characteristics.

Plant realisation is in co-makership with well-established official equipment manufacturers, with full licences for PED directives, ex-directives, and availability of plant services.

The commercialisation of our pervaporation and vapour permeation technology is dealt with by the company in the Netherlands, either directly to the end-user or through process equipment manufacturers.

Pervatech is looking for processes where it is possible to reduce investments (up to 75%), a remarkable reduction of the energy costs, a significant reduction in downstream processing, and a higher-quality end-product.

Ceramic discs

Pervatech produces ceramic discs based on filtration methods, resulting in defined pores with sharp pore size distribution, especially towards the higher tail of the Gauss-distribution curve.

The hydrophilic (water wet) ceramic discs can be coated with finer pore coatings on top with different membrane materials. Also the discs can be made to be hydrophobic (oil wet).

The discs can be used in membrane development, rocksample analysis and for instrumentation purposes.

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