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SWA Water Australia specialises in the design, manufacture and construction of industrial waste water treatment plants in Australia, New Zealand and throughout the Asian region.

SWA is part of a multinational environmental engineering group based in Sydney. Our products include dissolved air flotation (DAF) units, industrial oil water separators and solids separators. We also undertake complete design and construction of turnkey projects.

Dissolved air flotation units

DAF is the process used for the treatment of effluents to reduce BOD/COD, suspended solids and grease concentrations to a level acceptable for sewer discharge. It is a process whereby air is used to decrease the density of entrained solids and immiscible liquids, which accelerates the process of gravity separation of the contaminants from the water phase.

The effluent from the waste water treatment plant normally requires chemical preconditioning to ensure the contaminants are in the most suitable form for separation to occur. The nature of the chemical pre-treatment will vary with the effluent type and is required to flocculate and coagulate the suspended solids, grease present and protein in the effluent.

SWA has been manufacturing dissolved air flotation units for projects ranging, including small food processing plants, large abattoirs, textile factories and dairy product plants. SWA's unique dissolved waste water treatment system provides reliable performance and peace of mind.

Industrial oil separators

If you are looking for waste water treatment services, SWA has a range of CPI style industrial oil separator units available as a cross flow interceptor (CFI), tilted plate interceptor (TFI) and parallel plate gravity separators. SWA's CC range of co-current coalescing plate oil separators are modular in design and in concept.

We design an industrial oil separator unit to suit specific operating conditions. In recent years, companies within the SWA Water Group of companies have manufactured hundreds of oil separators and waste water treatment plant systems for power stations, oil refineries, transformer yards and steel works.

SWA has a 20 year warranty on its oil separators - some conditions apply - ask us for details.

Oil water separator

SWA's commercial range oil water separator is ideal for wastewater treatment, workshops, car washes, panel beaters, service stations, transformer yards and heavy duty washing.

The standard oil water separator unit can achieve treated effluent quality to free oil content less than 10mg/l. It is also available for less than 5mg/l treated effluent free oil content. There are no moving parts within the unit. It has a small footprint and low operating cost but is highly efficient and requires little maintenance. The unit is also available in chemical and thermal emulsion breaking design.

Solid separators

We have wastewater treatment systems including SWA's CPI SS range of solids separators that are lamella style gravity plate separators and can generally achieve less than 1mg/l for most heavy metals provided where the pH is correct and polymer is used.

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