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Scott Safety provides respiratory protection for emergency responders and industrial workers worldwide.

For more than 80 years, Scott Safety has been a premier manufacturer of innovative respiratory and personal protective equipment and safety devices for firefighters, industrial workers, police squads, militaries, homeland security forces, and rescue teams around the world.

The company's product range includes self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA); supplied-air respirators (SAR) and air-purifying respirators (APR); personal protective equipment (PPE); portable gas detection instruments; thermal imaging cameras; breathing air systems; and solutions used for personal protection, emergency firefighting, and escape.

It is through a commitment to innovation and groundbreaking product development that Scott Safety remains on the forefront of protecting firefighters, industrial workers and security forces from harmful working environments. We support all our product development with excellent customer support and the best warranty in the business. We are committed to putting the customer first in all aspects of our business

Self-contained breathing apparatus for firefighting and safety operations

Scott Safety provides SCBA that meet the most stringent National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and EN requirements for the fire service, including firefighting in the oil and gas market. These include the Air-Pak X3 SCBA (NFPA 1981: 2013 Ed approved) and ProPak-f SCBA (EN137:2006 Type 2).

For compliance and day-to-day hazard protection, the Air-Pak 75i (approved by National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH)) and ProPak-i (EN137: 2006 Type 2) are reliable products for use within the oil and gas industry.

A wide range of NIOSH and EN 137 Type 1 SCBA are also available.

Supplied air respirators (SAR) with escape cylinders

Whether using an airline connection alone, or an airline unit with an escape cylinder, Scott Safety has both EN and NIOSH approved products to protect workers from respiratory hazards.

The NIOSH-approved Ska-Pak and the EN Flite product ranges are leading products in oil and gas, petrochemical and chemical plants due to their long history of durability and ease of use.

Emergency life support escape respirators

Scott Safety produces a range of air-purified and supplied air escape sets. The constant flow emergency life support apparatus (ELSA) is one of the most widely used pieces of equipment in the oil and gas industry. The company produces a hooded version with a 10min or 15min cylinder of compressed air for rapid escape from hazardous industrial environments in NIOSH and EN versions.

Other options, such as ELSA Sprint positive pressure or ELSA Muster that allows ancillary air in attachment, are available in some parts of the world.

Air-purified respirators (APR)

Scott Safety's powered-air-purifying respirators (PAPR), and half and full facemasks can be used with cartridges or canisters to provide protection against a wide range of risks. Cartridges are available for particulate hazards (such as silica), acid gases (such as hydrogen sulfide and sulfur dioxide), organic vapours, ammonia, and other respiratory dangers.

Portable gas detection

For personal monitoring, Scott Safety (and Tyco Gas & Flame Detection) offer single-gas to five-gas portable gas detectors that are durable and easy-to-use. From the zero-maintenance Protégé ZM to the five-gas PS500 with internal pump, the end-user can select what is best for their specific application and user.

For area monitoring, the BM25 portable area monitor is available in both wired and wireless versions, and can detect up to five gases simultaneously, including a wide range of toxic gases, combustible gases and oxygen. It is ideal for mobile or temporary work applications. Up to 30 units can be networked together to monitor larger areas.

The company's portfolio includes NFPA and non-NFPA approved thermal imaging cameras, with high-performance and unique benefits for firefighters and emergency responders. Breathing air systems, including fill stations, are offered in a wide range of mobile or stationary systems to support customer requirements.

Sold under the brand Tyco Gas & Flame Detection, the company offers wired and wireless solutions, fixed and portable gas and flame detection systems, area monitoring, controllers, alarm systems, and monitoring software.

Product brands include Scott Safety, Detcon, Simtronics, GMI, and Oldham.

About Tyco

Scott Safety is a Tyco company, a specialist in fire protection and security that serves more than three million customers across various sectors worldwide, including commercial, energy, governmental, industrial, institutional, retail and residential, as well as small businesses.

A company with more than $10bn in revenue, Tyco has over 70,000 employees in more than 1,000 locations across 50 countries.

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