Prekons Construction Industry Design, Manufacture and Assembly of Prefabricated Units, Steel Buildings and Camps

Prekons Construction Industry is a leading company in the field of design, manufacturing and assembly of prefabricated temporary units and steel buildings as well as the construction of permanent commercial, industrial and healthcare facilities The company has a proud reputation for expertise, quality, durability and commitment to unlimited service and reliability in carrying out global projects.

Prefabricated housing, buildings, units and camps

Our products include modular housing, pre-engineered buildings, prefabricated units, prefabricated panel buildings, modular ready buildings, lightweight steel-frame buildings, light gauge steel-frame buildings, camps and site camps.

Steel pre-engineered buildings

Our pre-engineered buildings are steel structures built over a structural concept of hot-rolled or built-up steel profiles with cladding materials. They are ideal for use in industrial, wide-span, low-rise buildings. The structural members are custom-designed to be lighter in weight as well as high in strength and can be fitted with different structural additions like trusses, mezzanine floors, fascias, canopies and crane systems as per user requirements.

Temporary or permanent custom pre-engineered buildings

Pre-engineered buildings offer temporary or permanent solutions and design concept gives limitless opportunities to supply a building which fulfils every requirement economically, together with architectural creativity and functional aesthetics. They allow you to compliment the latest technology building components with traditional building materials such as brick, stone, glass or wood.

Our pre-engineered buildings will meet every objective: high economy, functional efficiency, low running costs, easy expansion, energy saving, long life and environmental friendliness.

Prefabricated panel buildings, units and shelters

Our prefabricated panel buildings, units and shelters can serve all types of temporary camp requirements, including accommodation facilities, offices, kitchen/dining units, recreation facilities, laundry units, dormitories, guard houses and relief-housing facilities.

All units are produced as high-quality and fast-erected modular units using advanced solutions and technologies, with a total quality concept based on unlimited customer satisfaction. There are unlimited support services at every level. All units have a minimum life expectancy of ten years.

Units can be carried and erected elsewhere several times, and may also be coupled to larger and more-equipped multi-storey complexes. Materials used will be suitable for use in extreme weather conditions, including high humidity, great seasonal and diurnal temperature variations, and large volumes of wind-driven sand.

Modular ready buildings

The modular ready building is an off-site construction system that offers permanent construction solutions and can be used for a variety of purposes, including educational, healthcare and commercial buildings like hospitals, offices, hotels and schools. The benefits of building off-site are well-documented: improved speed, sustainability, cost control, high quality, safety and efficiency.

Off-site construction can also deliver buildings to inspire and stimulate with no restrictions in design or layout. This gives investors and end-users the freedom to create internal spaces that are comfortable, welcoming and encourage productivity.

Our modular buildings are 95%-completed in our factory, and on-site construction work is therefore minimal (only connections of the modules and covering of the seams are required).

Light-gauge residential buildings

Light-gauge residential buildings are permanent buildings mainly used as residential dwellings and have great advantages compared with conventional systems, such as cost effectiveness, high level custom-made detailed design and design flexibility, resistance to physical factors (including seismic loads), and rapid and accurate construction. Our residential buildings are designed by architects and engineers who are experts on light-gauge steel building technology.

About Prekons

In 2010, Prekons will celebrate 20 years of experience and excellence in the international market.

Hundreds of completed projects in over 50 countries, proven performance, technical know-how and four modern, automated, ISO-certified manufacturing facilities in Turkey prove the excellence and professionalism of a company that has transformed itself over the years from a standard industrial concern to one that can offer a broad spectrum of products for a wide range of applications through advanced solutions and technologies.

Our products can be completely customised to suit individual requirements and delivered on a turnkey basis, and have earned the confidence of clients in the oil and gas, mining and construction industries. Prekons delivers on-time and on-budget.

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