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Howden compressor division companies design and manufacture advanced gas compressors for some of the most demanding and process-critical operating environments in the oil and gas, petrochemical and power industries. The companies are longstanding gas compressor pioneers, having supplied the technology since the early 20th century.

Howden Thomassen staff have a deep understanding of compressor products, which are built to meet or exceed regulations globally. The applications experience of staff allows the compressor division companies to provide global lifetime support to customers.

Reciprocating compressors

Howden Thomassen Compressors is a highly experienced manufacturer of large-capacity reciprocating compressors. Frame sizes range up to 24,800kW for state-of-the-art heavy duty reciprocating compressors. Howden provides a full variety of packages alongside the small to medium-sized Burton Corblin® piston compressors offered by Howden BC Compressors. Howden Thomassen compressors are innovative and cost-effective solutions capable of handling high pressure, corrosive gasses and low suction temperatures.

Our reciprocating compressors feature the following:

  • Dry (non-lubricated) compressor technology
  • API 618, 4th edition compressor design
  • Pressure vessels in accordance with applicable international codes
  • Complete "plug and play" packages integrating control systems and gas regulation and treatment equipment
  • Process-tailored package design
  • Specific technical assessment of each application
  • Easy maintenance, largely handled by the operators themselves

Turbo compressors

The Howden Thomassen Compressors Turbomachinery department provides tailor-made designs that achieve energy savings and comply with process requirements. Rugged material selection and anti-corrosion coatings reduce downtime, and process gas purity is enhanced through modern mechanical wet seals or dry seals with customised control panels.

Howden turbo blower and compressor models can be supplied as single-stage, integrally geared units or as complete packages with a wide operating range. They are suitable for the following applications and processes:

  • Sulphur recovery units (SRUs), industrial effluent treatment, fertiliser production, phenol production, acrylic acid, oleum production and sulphuric acid production for petrochemicals and refineries
  • Flue gas desulphurisation (FGD), circulating fluidised bed (CFB), mechanical vapour recompression (MVR), distilling, pulp and paper production for power and industrial
  • Metal smelting, sulphuric acid production, coke oven gas, converter blowers, ore roasting and processing and metallurgy water treatment for mining and metals
  • Municipal wastewater treatment

Screw compressors

Howden Thomassen bare shaft rotary twin screw compressors are supplied by Howden Compressors Ltd worldwide and by Howden Compressors LLC in North America. A low-maintenance design minimises operating costs and the high efficiency of the twin screws enables vibration-free handling of all gases, contaminants and liquid slugs. The XRV range of compressor units provides flows from 300m³/hr to 1,600m³/hr. The WRV range offers flows from 550m³/hr to 18,000m³/hr.

Howden Process Compressors supplies full screw compressor systems should more than a bare shaft compressor be required. These include a compressor, a driver, an oil management system, controls, instrumentation and additional process components such as coolers, knock out vessels, a condensate removal system and scrubbers. Packages are usually delivered as fully assembled units to minimise installation and commissioning.

Diaphragm compressors

Burton Corblin metal diaphragm compressors range up to 3,000bar (43,500psi) and 250kW and are suited to applications requiring complete gas isolation from the external environment. Static contact sealing is ensured by Howden’s head integrity detection system (HIDS). The products can compress any gas without contamination or leaks.

Howden’s optimised design is based on a combination of stress analysis, material selection and technical experience. Hundreds of compressor packages operate in production sites and laboratories and are capable of handling light, heavy, high-purity, rare, toxic, flammable, corrosive, explosive, and radioactive gases.

Turbine and compressor servicing

Howden is able to service and reverse engineer almost every compressor model, irrespective of manufacturer. A global network of service and sales staff have mastered the art of compressor diagnostics and servicing. They are trained to keep system downtime to an absolute minimum. Comprehensive maintenance and servicing can be carried out no matter what your location.

Compressor training courses

Howden Thomassen courses are an in-depth hands-on guide to the practical operation of gas compressors. Located nearby to its manufacturing facilities, the company’s training centre is frequently used to tutor service engineers. Training can be carried out in different lengths, on different topics and in the client’s choice of language. Open courses are also held once a year across the Southern Hemisphere on reciprocating and centrifugal compressors.

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Multi-Stage Centrifugal Compressor Project Highlights

In the 1980s, Howden Thomassen delivered two natural gas centrifugal compressors for service in a natural gas facility in South Australia. The original bundles, delivered 30 years ago, were manufactured using the technology available at that time.

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