Multi-Stage Centrifugal Compressor Project Highlights

In the 1980s, Howden Thomassen delivered two natural gas centrifugal compressors for service in a natural gas facility in South Australia. The original bundles, delivered 30 years ago, were manufactured using the technology available at that time. The new inner bundles were completely redesigned, applying the latest fabrication techniques and materials, resulting in a more reliable and efficient compressor.

The inner bundle was pre-assembled in the HTC workshop in Rheden, Netherlands, to minimise the time required for installation on-site. A Howden service engineer from Sydney travelled to Rheden to support the shop assembly in preparation for field installation.

The complete inner bundle was shipped in a special container to allow horizontal transport and vertical storage to eliminate the potential for rotor sagging and the corrosion of components. The impeller eye seal labyrinths and the inter-stage shaft seal labyrinths were stored in boxes inside the container. Therefore, all parts needed to exchange the bundle at site were delivered safely and efficiently in a single container.

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