Mehrer Oil-Free Gas and Air Compressors

Mehrer is one of the leading worldwide manufacturers of oil-free piston and screw gas and air compressors for sophisticated technical applications. Our production techniques meet all pertinent national and international standards and regulations.

Custom oil-free gas and air compressors

Utilisation of standardised modules and special designs has enabled us to ensure safe, reliable and flexible system operation at high temperatures and system pressures. Mehrer compressor solutions are designed and manufactured to customer specifications as a combination of compressor block with or without drive, control and monitoring modules and gas cooling, cleaning and storage elements. The selection and utilisation of special high-quality materials or surface coatings ensures that resistance to corrosion is extremely high.

The transformation from a production firm to a service company is now evident with the introduction of the new competence symbol “Powered by Mehrer” representing high-quality gas and air compression.

Oil-free gas and air piston compressors

Mehrer develop, design and construct a wide and varied range of oil-free gas and air compressors.

Our range of oil-free piston compressors includes:

  • 1, 2 and 3-stage piston compressors
  • Conveyance of numerous toxic, explosive and corrosive gases
  • Suction temperatures from -20°C to 130°C
  • System pressures up to 60 bar(g)
  • Booster compressors with thrust up to 45 bar(a)
  • Drive up to 200kW
  • Direct drive coupling or via V-belt
  • Air and water-cooled versions
  • Versions for potentially-explosive atmospheres
  • Oil-free screw compressors

1, 2-stage screw compressors:

  • Air conveyance
  • Suction temperatures from -20°C to 50°C
  • System pressures up to 8 or 10 bar(g)
  • Booster versions with thrust up to 4 bar(g)
  • Flow rates from 360 m³/h to 3,000 m³/h
  • Drive output up to 355kW
  • Air and water-cooled versions
  • Versions for potentially-explosive atmospheres

Numerous options are available for designing compressor systems to customer specifications, including frequency controllers, filters, sterile filters, aftercoolers, refrigerant dryers, adsorption dryers, buffer tanks.

700/900 Series Oil-free piston compressors

The high-performance water-cooled 700 / 900 compressor series is constructed to state-of-the-art standards in compressor engineering.

Features include:

  • Leading technology for oil-free compression
  • Designed for continuous load and long operating periods
  • Extremely high reliability
  • Simple installation
  • Supplied ready for connection
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Broad speed range for frequency converter operation
  • High efficiency rate
  • Good cost-performance ratio

TE/GTE/TZ Series oil-free piston compressors

TE / GTE / TZ series of oil-free piston comressors feature:

  • Cross-head construction
  • Oil-free compression
  • Air and water cooled – constructed for the toughest long-term load
  • Compressor components designed for specific media (e.g. free of non-ferrous metal where aggressive media are involved)

We can also supply special versions manufactured to customer specifications, such as potentially-explosive atmosphere protection (Atex 95), special control for boosters and many others.

Oil-free screw compressors for air

Our BTSL / BSTW series of oil-free screw compressors feature:

  • Long service life in continuous operation
  • High compressed air quality
  • Simple installation
  • Supplied ready for connection
  • Standard noise suppression
  • Lower specific energy consumption, 50 or 60 Hz.

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