Remedy Asset Protection Consultancy Services for Hydrocarbons Protective Coating Projects

Remedy Asset Protection provides consultancy, guidance, advice, inspection and auditing for protective coatings projects within the oil and gas industries.

The company helps clients by appraising projects, identifying areas of project risk, developing specifications and reporting systems, as well as supplying project auditing and coating inspection services.

Its areas of expertise include concrete repair, steel refurbishment, corrosion surveys, coating specifications, work methodology, project planning, project management, team building, quality assurance, coating applicator and abrasive blasting training, coating and safety audits, auditing and inspection, dispute resolution, and failure analysis.

Coating inspection services for hydrocarbons environments

Remedy Asset Protection aims to offer detailed coating inspection service duties in accordance with asset owners’ specification and industry standards.

The company’s inspection team visits sites to keep a project moving and resolve site-based issues using interpersonal, problem-solving skills.

Remedy Asset Protection’s reports include a chronology of coating projects detailing the work being performed while documenting any site based issues and non-conformances that are all a part of the journey to good project delivery. They also enable an easy reference to apply commercial warranties and defend against any potential failure analysis in the event of a problem.

The company’s inspections, reports and consultancy services are delivered in a proactive approach that aims to include all intermediaries, in order to collaborate and deliver fast project delivery times to clients.

Comprehensive consultancy services for protective coatings

Remedy Asset Protection performs initial project services that include the review of project specifications and the contractor’s project appraisal stages, as well as coordinating the contractor’s quality documentation to match the required specifications.

The company also offers a consultancy service to assess the client’s objectives, develop a customised coating specification and provide a brief position description for coating inspection duties.

Complete coating inspection reports

Depending on the client’s specification, Remedy Asset Protection inspects a wide range of criteria, such as the pre-condition of the substrate, the level of pre-cleaning and surface preparation, and the application and dry film thickness of each coating.

The company’s coating inspection service will provide clients with a detailed report, which includes the details of the project, parts and coating systems; a chronology of the coating project; a photo diary; testing reports; and supporting documentation.

On larger projects, these reports will be issued in draft form throughout the project to enable good communication between all parties.

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