SpinTek Filtration Industrial Filtration Systems, and Rotary and Tubular Membrane Systems


For more than 15 years, SpinTek’s primary focus has been manufacturing proprietary industrial filtration systems, rotary membrane systems and tubular membrane modules.

Solvent extractors and media filters

As a global leader in mining filtration solutions, SpinTek designs and manufactures solvent extraction (SX) dual-media filters, and proprietary CoMatrix® filters for copper, nickel, zinc, cobalt and uranium mining operations.

Specialised Aqualescer® Coalescers are uniquely designed for high-volume organic separations in the mining SX / EW circuit to reduce costs and achieve the ultimate results in pure copper.

Hydrocarbon refinery plant treatment equipment

SpinTek Filtration is now expanding its operations into gas and oil refineries, and oxidation treatment for pre and post-hydrodesulphurisation (HDS) applications using a new technology, direct extraction sulphur (DXs).

This proprietary desulphurisation system is a cost-effective method for the pre-treatment of fuel cells in J8, military-grade jet fuel.

Proprietary StreamScan® software offers remote monitoring and process adjustment capability for company engineers. This enables real-time interaction with on-site plant managers, for smooth plant operations and avoids costly shutdowns.

Rotary filter membrane systems for hazardous waste

SpinTek’s unique rotary filter with stainless steel membranes was designed for high-level radioactive wastewater (HLRW) for the US Department of Energy (DOE) and the US Department of Defense (DOD) for onboard ship hazardous wastewater.

SpinTek holds the Nuclear Quality Assurance1 (NQA1) certification and is the baseline technology for installations at DOE laboratories and DOD sites.

The company’s rotating metal membrane filtration technology is uniquely suited for high levels of solids, viscosity and operating temperatures. The system concentrates suspended solids with high-viscosity to 60% solids levels without fouling.

It outperforms standard membrane systems in fractionation / concentration at a lower cost. With heightened environmental awareness about contaminated water from industrial pollutants, companies now look to membrane filtration solutions for discharge, recycle and recovery problems.

Coalescers and dual-media filters

For solvent extraction, the proprietary Aqualescer is an improved aqueous coalescer for both electrolyte and raffinate streams.

This system provides an economic and effective process for coalescing entrained organic matter, improving the performance of existing or subsequent dual media filters, and provides a standalone solution on raffinate streams.

As pre-treatment, the dual-media filters offer:

  • Improved final effluent quality
  • Reduced backwash frequency
  • Easily recoverable organic, not reprocess, backwash electrolyte or water

System testing has shown capabilities of operating at pressures below 140kPa and obtained entrained organic removal of up to 95%. Low operating pressures enable treatment of raffinate streams that were previously not feasible, due to high capital and operation costs.

The improved coalescer design allows the system to be applied to new construction or to operating plants. A unique feature is the way the coalescer can be incorporated into existing dual-media filters to significantly improve organic removal, extend service runs, and reduce backwashing frequency.

Virtual access monitoring software for plant filters

SpinTek’s specialised and customised virtual access software is ideal for monitoring its installations worldwide.

StreamScan provides a secure remote access gateway programme that interacts directly with system components to solve troubleshooting issues, through modifications and on-demand reporting, and establish alarm profiles and updates to avoid expensive service calls.

Plant managers can now increase productivity and enhance filter performance with sophisticated tools for data collection and logging to analyse filter performance in real-time averting potential risk conditions and costly downtime.

A few examples of dual-media filter installations with StreamScan are Chelopech in Bulgaria, Newmont PHX Copper in the US, Horsehead in the US, Achit-Ikht in Mongolia, Aktogay in Kazakhstan, and Toromocho in Peru.

The company also uses this software to increase productivity in oily water and oil field applications.

SpinTek helps clients in the hydrocarbons industry to modernise operations, control costs and increase productivity using StreamScan.

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